Telegram App introduces inbuilt video player and more in new update

Telegram continues to dazzle its 100 million odd users with a string of updates which are stretching the limits to what a chat app can do. The added functionality means that once you have Telegram open and get to chatting, it won’t be really necessary to leave the app, say to share a funny YouTube video clip, share links, images and more.

The new update v.3.10 goes one step further with the ability the ability to play videos straight from Telegram where once the video prompted to open with the Android video player or the YouTube app. The inbuilt video player comes soon after Telegram added an audio player which can play an audio file (podcast, audio recording, song…) you shared with your friend. The audio file won’t stop playing when you leave the chat where it’s playing from.

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These are some of the new updates:

  • Internal Video Player (for Android)
  • Picture in Picture mode (for iOS)
  • Message drafts
  • Unread message counter

Inbuilt Telegram video player


Much as the inbuilt video player is at the moment available only for Android (4.1 and newer), iPhone users too have a reason to smile: Picture in Picture (PiP) mode for videos on YouTube and Vimeo. A new button at the bottom right corner will allow you shrink a video and continue watching and/or listening while you do other tasks like chatting with somebody. The minimised video can be repositioned so as not to get in the way. PiP mode for iPad users will still work even if you switch to a different app. Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait a little longer for this feature.

telegram drafts

With the new update message drafts will be clearly visible in the chat and automatically synced across all your devices. So you can begin typing a message on your smartphone and if abruptly the battery runs out and you switch to your laptop, you can pick up your message draft where you left it and continue typing. Drafts will also move to the top of your chat window for better visibility.

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Telegram has added what they call a ‘Scroll to bottom’ button that shows a counter of unread messages simplifying the process of switching between active chats. This button is available on Android and Telegram Desktop.

Other changes include the blue unread messages notification on the Telegram Desktop app whereas on Android it still shows green. Later in this segment we will write a more detailed post on how to use Telegram like a Pro. In the meantime, snack on these new features. After this comes the flood.






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