Surviving the Data Jungle in Uganda: A list of Internet Data Bundles that everyone must know about

Data has become a household budget item making it part of our monthly bill. Unfortunately, it is one of those bills that many people need but are not willing to pay colossal sums for. As much of the world gets online and devices get smarter, the need for internet to stay connected gets more and more apparent. This is where internet data bundles come in.

In these times, there is nothing like loyalty to an Internet service provider (ISP). We move with the tide. We look for whoever has the most affordable bundle that can work. This has seen the rise of what we may term “Data Whores” they own a SIM card/MiFi for every network and exploit every possible data bundle on offer. They have a bundle for every occasion. Here are some of the bundles;

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Tooti Bundle – (MTN/Airtel/Africell)

This is for when you need quick access to internet for a short period of time. Tooti gives you 50-100MBs valid for 30min – 1hr for between 300 – 500 Ugx.

Happy Hour – (MTN/Africell)
These give you a GB for 1 hour at 4500 – 5000 Ugx. Yeah, so when you are in a long distance relationship and need to make that skype call at weird hours of the night or may be you have a Skype interview.

Owl/Night Shift/Happy Night (MTN/Africell/Airtel/SMILE/SMART
This is for when you want to update your OS, download/stream movies, and music. The geeks find this one a saviour because of the data volume versus the costs. Of course, the cost includes your sleep but who cares. The Night Shift bundle is only 2500/=

Ninja Bundle (Tangerine)
I call this one Ninja because not many people know about it. Tangerine gives a cool 50GB for 150k at 4Mbps valid for 1 month. This is currently the most affordable bundle – it’s literally a steal. They also have 30GB for 90k and 15GB for 50k.

WTF Bundles (MTN/Airtel)
Do not worry, Why The Face aka WTF is actually short for WhatsApp Facebook & Twitter. These help you stay social the whole day for as low as 200 shillings when you are unable to load bigger bundles.

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Photo Credit: Pilouchy Flickr via Compfight cc


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3 thoughts on “Surviving the Data Jungle in Uganda: A list of Internet Data Bundles that everyone must know about

  1. Nice, I am definitely gonna try the tangerine bundle….looks like a bargain.

    Secondly, there is a bundle offered by smart telecom for 1000 Sh you get 500MB for 24 hrs. To access this you dial *100*1*1*3*6*3# OR *100*1*1*3*6*2# for 120MB for 24hrs at 500 Sh.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Airtel doesn’t have the Tooti data bundle.

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