Internet routers price comparison from Ugandan mobile networks

When you are in Uganda and you want internet access, you have about four choices; your smartphone, a USB dongle, a MiFi and 3G or 4G wireless router. We know most of you are watching cat videos and Facebook gifs on your mobile phones and MiFis, but when you want to jazz things up a little bit, then you have to opt for a fully fledged wireless 3/4G router.

A wireless 3G or 4G router is the most expensive option for accessing the internet. It’s also the least portable, meaning you can’t easily move around with your router while accessing the internet. So why would you want to get a wireless router?

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Well, there are a number of good reasons for going big. First, a wireless 3/4G router connects to more device to the internet than any of the other 3 options. In fact, most routers we have seen connect up to 32 devices to the internet. Mifis hook up at most 10 devices while a USB dongle supports only one device. That means you have enough room to get your dog connected!  But there’s more. Wireless 3/4G routers are much faster than the rest of the options. The latest support 4G LTE CAT4 with theoretical mobile speeds of up to 150Mbps. Your dongle meanwhile could go as fast as only 21Mbps.

So if you decide to go big, then there are number of options on Ugandan mobile data networks.

Internet 3/4G router prices in Uganda
Vodafone UgandaVodafone 4G LTE Indoor Router(Huawei LTE CPE B315)4G20GB/month360,000
80,000 when you buy 20GB+ of data
Smile UgandaHuawei LTE CPE B3154G25GB UnlimitedEssential bundle410,000
MTN UgandaHuawei WiFi Router-B6812/3GB10GB/month249,000
MTN UgandaHuawei LTE 32 user Outdoor CPE(Huawei B593(s-22) 4G LTE CPE)4G30GB/month285,000
MTN UgandaHuawei LTE indoor CPE(Huawei E5172 LTE CPE 4G Router)4G30GB/3months350,000
Airtel UgandaMicrotik Router2/3G1GB/month 280,000
Airtel UgandaZTE MF283 Router4G1GB/month350,000
Africell UgandaHuawei B310 4G LTE CPE Router4G10GB/month299,000
Africell UgandaTPLink MR34204GN/A199,000

As you can see from the comparison table, you have to have at least Ugx 249,000 which affords the Huawei 3G WiFi Router-B681 with 10GB of data for on month from MTN Uganda. Now Vodafone Uganda has a promo going on where you buy the Huawei LTE CPE B315 at Ugx 80,000. But here’s the carveat; you have to purchase 20GB and above bundle which costs about Ugx 220,000+ which brings the cost to Ugx 300,000. That doesn’t beat MTN’s offer of a Huawei 4G LTE 32 user Outdoor CPE router with 30GB of data at Ugx 285,000.

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Africell Uganda’s TPLink MR3420 looks to be an interesting option for those wish to have fast WiFi around thwe house and the freedom to choose whatever network they want. That’s because the router can support any 3/4G internet dongle via USB port which you can buy from any network. If you purchase from Africell, then that ramps up the price to Ugx 208,000 with 3G modem and 299,000 with a 4G modem.

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The other players Airtel and Smile don’t seem to be offering something exciting unless you happen to be already a customer. So what router are you using? Let us know in the comments below.


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