How to extend your MiFi’s WiFi signal using a strong WiFi router

xiaomi router with mifi

Last week I bought a Tangerine MiFi which I’ve been using since. But as you could have read my review, the MiFi has a very weak WiFi signal which can’t go beyond 5 meters. In fact you can only get one bar if you happen to be in the next room. Thankfully I bought myself a Mi Xiaomi wireless WiFi router 3.

Modern wireless routers are capable of extending your MiFi’s WiFi signal so that you can still connect to the internet even from a longer distance or from other rooms in the house. All you have to do is connect your WiFi router in bridge mode. In this mode, the WiFi router simply extends your MiFi’s wireless signal to other devices. You can find bridge mode in the settings of your specific router mode. You can find specific instructions for your router’s model from the manufacturer’s website or from online forums. But before you buy a router, make sure that it supports bridge mode because not all of them do.

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The bridge mode supports connecting the WiFi router to another wireless WiFi router via the WAN port using Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Since MiFis doesn’t have any LAN ethernet ports, you obviously want to opt for the wireless method. Usually WiFi routers come with a USB port for connecting to external hard drives. But you can use it to charge your MiFi instead if you are short of power ports.

The other way is to buy a WiFi extender or sometimes called a range expander. It works the same way as a wireless router in bridge mode except it’s a more specialized kind of network device. Unless you know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t recommend this option.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle, we recommend you buy a 3/4G LTE wireless router. Think of them as a modem or MiFi and WiFi router in one. You can have a look at prices of different 3/4G LTE wireless routers in the Ugandan market.


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