This is why listening to your radio online could be the best option


I run through my early mornings with a local radio morning show, the laughter to the jokes sweeping the hours away so fast. But this morning was different. My phone battery was down, too low to tune in to the station, yet a morning so cold would not be any better without my program.

My laptop all around, the mifi set on, I tried out online radio as I accomplish last evening’s unfinished business. I admit, it was my first try; with fears of the unknown surfacing through my mind. But I could not miss the programming, let alone the jokes.

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The experience is amazing, as it comes with no limitations; and it is the sole reason am penning down this post. Here are the 5 reasons why listening to radio online could be the best option for you.

Easy to find

Whereas the AM/FM stationing is limited to  the respective transmitters, online radio is by far easy to find. All that is required is the station to have a digital platform, and you the user to have a stable internet connection, and you are so good to go. There are no worries of your location, not even of interference from stations with an almost familiar frequency.

It is actually cost-less

You might have question marks on the data consumption, and probably opt for terrestrial stations because of their being ‘free-to-air’. But internet radio comes with zero costs. It consumes data normally, just like your google browsing.

A variety to choose from

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The AM/FM transmission is limited to geographical location, and keeps varying even for a single station as you move from here to there. Internet radio, on the other hand, has a wide range of stations to choose from. I got the chance to listen to various stations across the world, with no hindrance at all.

Fast and reliable signals 

They are digital, and over the internet; online radio is crystal clear. Not even poor headsets can make the sound any bad.

You might not let go

After listening to stations from other countries. the UK (Kiss FM) and US (Radio Uganda Boston) inclusive, I might definitely forget about terrestrial broadcasters. The experience comes with an addiction attached, and it is not something you will take for granted.

The Cons: Whereas I enjoyed it, I also have to admit it comes with some downsides. For example, once your internet connection is down, the radio is as well down. Besides, the sites are prone to crushes.

But otherwise, it is an amazing moment that you would as well find interesting without second thought. Am still tuned in!


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