Telegram 4.2 introduces Self-destructing media, a short Bio and more

Telegram 4.2

Telegram is at it again. Telegram is known for its interesting tweaks that come with each new update. The slew of updates introduces new cool functionalities which are often xeroxed by the likes of WhatsApp. The new update 4.2 has introduced a Snapchat-like the media self-destruct functionality in chats, your own personal 70 character bio, photo-editor improvements and much more. Allow me break down for you the new juicy improvements you might not even be aware of…

Disappearing media/Self-destruct media

Telegram media self-destruct

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First off, you can now send media to your chat buddies with a countdown timer. Once the set time has passed, the media, be it pictures or video will self-delete. If the other person takes a screenshot in that time, you will promptly get a notification to that effect. This is similar to what happened in Telegram secret chats where messages can self-destruct.

Your own Bio

Telegram Bio

Akin to what you might call a status message in apps like WhatsApp, Telegram’s Bio fashions itself as something different. You can pen a quick Bio in as little as 70 characters. That might not sound like much at first blush, but what of it? Look at it this way, you are not writing an essay, are you? Bottom line is, you got yourself a way to put up a status message once in a while. You’re welcome!

Improved photo editor

For those who don’t know; Telegram does have a photo editor. You might as well stop sending those sucky selfies with terrible exposure. The new update has added a few tweaks to make your images stand out!

More space for stickers.

In your hunt for the perfect sticker, GIF or emoji to send your chat buddy, you can now enlarge the scrolling area. You will be able to land on that emoticon in a jiffy, unlike before.

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