Google Kenya & Equity Bank Partner To Launch BebaPay App And NFC Enabled Electronic Payment Card

Google Kenya and Equity Bank today launched BebaPay, an NFC enabled electronic payment card and app in a move they say will make payments easy and more convenient for consumers and merchants.

According to Dr. James Mwangi, CEO, Equity Bank, says that “The BebaPay card is a first for Kenya and will change the transport industry when it comes to payment. It is a convenient local payment solution that makes it easy to budget and manage one’s expenses on a mobile phone or computer”.

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Kenyans can can sign up for a BebaPay card and top up for free at Equity agents or use mobile money options to top up their cards. BebaPay helps to overcome the problem of using cash and receiving the correct change when paying for public transport on the bus or “matatu”.   is the first payments system of its kind for Kenya.

Joe Mucheru, Google Kenya Country Manager said,“Research showed that technology could help bus operators and passengers to ease the process of ticketing, so we’re pleased that Nairobi commuters can now enjoy the advantages of BebaPay.” Mucheru added,  “Using NFC is part of Google’s efforts to improve transactions for both businesses and consumers. NFC makes it easier for people to pay for goods and services, and gives merchants extra ways to connect with their customers using technology and the Internet”.

  BebaPay, a first of its kind in the country makes it easy to pay for your bus fare and helps you budget and track your spending.  All you do is swipe your card on the card reader in order to pay. You also get free SMS receipts and the BebaPay website makes it easy to budget and manage your expenses on your mobile or computer.  You can get a BebaPay card for yourself, family members or coworkers.  Bus conductors can use BebaPay on a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Android phone to accept payments from BebaPay smart cards. BebaPay smart cards are powered by NFC technology and software from Google,payment can be made with or without internet or power. 

BebaPay will soon be rolled into more towns and beyond the world of transport. The free BebaPay app turns any NFC-enabled Android phone into a card reader so buyers can use BebaPay to pay for their shopping in malls or food in restaurants.

 Lucia Atieno, a daily commuter who has been using BebaPay card for over 6 months, said “I now spend less on bus fares, since I can plan in advance how much money I need for a particular period of time. The conductors never leave with my change, which used to happen a lot if I forgot to as ask for it.  Greatest of all, no more chunks of paper in my handbag in the name of receipts!”  

Equity Bank and Google will be using affordable NFC-enabled Android devices that are available in Kenya and can be used for BebaPay.  Currently BebaPay is only available at key bus stops such as Kencom House. Equity Bank is working on rolling out BebaPay to more locations over time.

This post first appeared here on TechMoran, our Africa Tech media partners.