Microsoft is releasing Office 2019 mid-next-year. It comes with perpetual apps and stronger servers

Microsoft just announced the upcoming update for Office, Office 2019, at their Ignite event in Orlando.

The release is scheduled for the second half of 2018, and Microsoft is this time bringing perpetual versions of the Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It will also include servers like Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business; and previews of the new products should be expected for shipping by mid 2018.

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In a blog post, it was indicated that Office 2019 comes with added user and Information Technology capabilities for new customers who are just not yet ready for the cloud.

The new features include improved inking features like pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay that will allow you to work more naturally. Excel will come with some new formulas and charts will make data analysis more powerful. PowerPoint presentations will see an additional Visual animation features like Morph and Zoom. Server enhancements will include updates to IT manageability, usability, voice, and security. You can read this tutorial to learn more about setting up game servers.

In addition, the Office team is also launching a new built-in tool for Excel – called Insights – that will automatically try to pull the most interesting data from a spreadsheet and visualize it.

It is meant to take a list of data and then generate insights looking at combinations, charts, pivot tables and it will recognize those that are most interesting by looking at outliers, looking at trends in the data, looking at things that represent changes. If you like one of the graphs the service generates, you can easily import those into your Excel sheets and manipulate them to your choice.

“Office 2019 will be a valuable upgrade for customers who feel that they need to keep some or all of their apps and servers on-premises, and we look forward to sharing more details about the release in the coming months,” stated the post.

We shall relay in more details as they come in.

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