Full Kwese TV channel list


Kwesé TV, as you might already know, is taking firm strides on the Ugandan market; and only time can tell that it is destined for a top spot,  given the exclusive programming and affordable rates.

We’ve had an opportunity to experience the Kwese decoder, and the experience is just beginning. We now outline for you the full list of channels.

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They are outlined in seven categories namely: Series and Movies, Factual and Lifestyle, Kids, Sport, News, Music, and Faith.

Series and Movies

Kwesé has a rich series and movies line-up with a high number of own and exclusive channels. Its own channels provide strong vehicles for premium, exclusive programming, as does AMC. Millennial channel Viceland is exclusive to Kwesé, as is Passion, a telenovela channel custom-made for the African market. Bollywood, Nollywood, and escapist reality round out the category.

  1. AMC is best known for premium, exclusive first run series: Fear the Walking Dead, The Night Manager, Into the Badlands, The Preacher. Exclusive to Kwesé except in East Africa.
  2. Viceland is about current affairs – millennial style. It specialises in engaged, and oden provocative, stories with strong points of view about news, social issues, music, food, fashion, and technology.
  3. African Movie Channel (AMC) is a 24-hour movie channel dedicated to the best Nollywood and African movies and is one of the most popular channels in Africa.
  4. African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) is an entertainment channel showcasing award-winning TV soaps, comedy, and drama from Nigeria, spiced up with series from the rest of Africa.
  5. Zee Bollynova was created in response to the vast cross-over appeal of glamorous Bollywood series and telenovelas, and it presents these series dubbed into English for wide enjoyment.
  6. Zee BollyMovies offers the best in Bollywood. Tune in for beloved Bollywood movies that are dubbed into English for mainstream appeal.
  7. Passion is an exclusive, bespoke channel devoted to the most popular genre in Africa: telenovelas. African titles alongside content from Latin America, Turkey, and other sources.
  8. True Movies provides powerful, true stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds. This unique movies channel features hundreds of moving and emotional true movies with performances from A-list stars.
  9. CBS Reality provides guilty pleasures and addictive viewing with shows like America’s Dumbest Criminals, Beach Patrol, Crossing Over with John Edward, and Jerry Springer.
  10. Kwesé Prime is a young-skewed entertainment channel boasting African originals, brand new
    discoveries, and top-rated international series, all in HD.
  11. Kwesé Stories targets female audiences. It offers series, talk shows, telenovelas and reality – delicious premium entertainment that will brighten anyone’s day
  12. Kwesé Movies 1 is for the movie lovers. Get seduced by laughter, passion, and tears on Kwesé Movies 1, with its line-up of Hollywood, Independent, and World Cinema films
  13. Kwesé Movies 2 is a dedicated acFon movie channel that fires on all cylinders! Epic and exclusive Asian martial arts films sit alongside Hollywood blockbusters,
    sci fi and crime movies for 24/ 7 thrills.
  14. Kwesé Movies 3 is tailor-made for all devotees of African movies. Its line-up includes exclusive Nollywood titles, Swahili movies, and titles from all over Africa.

Factual and Lifestyle

Kwesé has a particularly strong factual line-up, bearing out the commitment to play a constructive role in the market. Kwesé Inc., a channel devoted to enabling entrepreneurs, is key in this regard. Kwesé Know (mainstream factual entertainment), Odisseia (exclusive documentaries), and a set of Discovery-owned channels also feature.

  1. Odisseia takes you on a journey across the globe with top quality documentary programming sourced from around the world – dedicated to nature, science,
    people, and the arts.
  2. Animal Planet is great family viewing with a focus on creatures both wild and domesticated and their relationships with humans.
  3. Discovery Science is the foremost destination to learn about leading scientific exploration, new technology, outer space, earth science basics, and more with science series and news.
  4. IDX keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with real-life mystery, suspense, and salacious scandals. IDX is home to popular crime shows including California Investigator, Obsession: Dark Desires, I’d Kill For You, Web Of Lies, and many more.
  5. DTX is a fully loaded, turbo charged entertainment channel with extra ‘man appeal’. It lives in a world where speed and adrenaline rules, with shows like Airplane Repo, Dream Machines, and Fifth Gear.
  6. Fine Living showcases lifestyle gurus, innovative designers, fashion experts, and chefs from around the world and is packed with an inspiring mix of modern living and design entertainment shows. These include House Hunters, Model: NYC, Rehab Addict, and Million Dollar Closets.
  7. Fashion Television is not just about the runway and models. It’s a channel where viewers can tap into fashion, trends, and style. From photography, street style, and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends. This is where fashion meets entertainment and lifestyle.
  8. Travel Channel is inspired by explorers and their passion for travel, curiosity about the world, and unique points of view. Travel Channel is eye-opening, daring and fun.
  9. Kwesé Know is the destination for the curious mind. Know business; know science; know technology; know engineering; know your environment; know yourself.
  10. Kwesé Inc. is the go-to guide for real enterprise advice and insight. If your ambition knows no limits, your heart is in the hustle, your feet are street, and your head is
    business – get Inc’ed.


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Kwesé’s key strength is its own kids channel, as well as exclusive carriage of Dreamworks, famous for franchises like How to Train Your Dragon, Kung-Fu Panda, and favourites from the Turner stable: Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Toonami. These channels cater for
both pre-schoolers and pre-teens, while JimJam is devoted to young children.

  1. DreamWorks Animation is an exciting animation channel consisting of exclusive, original series produced by DreamWorks Animation SKG and the DreamWorks Classics library. Titles include All Hail King Julian, Home,
    Dawn of the Croods, and more – brand new, exclusive titles every year.
  2. JimJam is a channel created for pre-school kids. It features classic children’s television shows, sing-a-long fun, puppets, animaFon, and story-telling – the likes of Barney & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, and Pingu.
  3. POP (a Sony-owned channel) is aimed at boys and girls aged 7-10, with shows like Power Rangers, Sally Bollywood, Transformers Rescue Bots, and Jamie’s Got Tentacles.
  4. Toonami is a 24-hour action and anime destination designed for viewers seeking a full-tilt, rollercoaster ride of high-octane animation. This channel is the ultimate destination for the action-and-adventure enthusiasts in every family. Toonami is a dream come true for superhero fans!
  5. Boomerang is the home of classic cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Do, Looney Tunes, and loads more! You know them! You love them! Now share them with the whole family!
  6. Cartoon Network is the home of hit toons – the premium destination for the hippest and homest animated entertainment.
  7. CBeebies helps pre-schoolers learn while they play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with their favourite CBeebies characters and shows – like Charlie & Lola, Numtums, Dinopaws, Sarah & Duck and many more.
  8. Kwesé Kids looks to the future with empowering, fun, child-friendly shows. Toddlers, tweens, and parents are all welcome on Kwesé Kids.


Kwesé has a strong and varied music line-up, which responds to a young market’s insatiable appetite for all things musical. East,West, and Southern African music are all represented, as is gospel from around the world. P Diddy’s REVOLT is available outside of the US for the first time – only on Kwesé!

  1. HipTV is an urban contemporary music and lifestyle channel for a youthful audience. The channel is known and respected for entertainment news, incisive and exclusive interviews, and red carpet moments amongst others.
  2. TRACE Africa features music videos of the best contemporary African music hits and exclusive specials and documentaries. From Kwaito House to Coupé-Décalé – whether they are from English, Portuguese, or French African genres – Trace Africa will have them all!
  3. TRACE Gospel is dedicated to Gospel music in all its forms: contemporary gospel, urban gospel, worship gospel, African gospel, and traditional gospel – with all the ‘cool’ and sophistication of the Trace stable.
  4. BOX Television brings you the hottest hip hop to the sexiest R&B. An exciting mix of the very best music videos, talent-led charts, live concerts, exclusive interviews, and the finest comedy shows; music from the international scene and the continent (especially West Africa).
  5. TRACE Mziki is the first channel dedicated to Swahili music. 70% of the schedule is made up of music from East Africa, and the rest from hits from the rest of the continent as well as international urban music.
  6. REVOLT TV is a music channel from Sean Combs, dedicated to the creators of this generation. Home of ‘The Breakfast Show’, the channel will be available outside of the US for the first time – only on Kwesé!


Kwesé’s sport offering boasts exclusive access to NBA, extensive rugby properties, Australian and Caribbean cricket, boxing, ESL, motorsport, and a range of athletics. Kwesé is also the exclusive home of the ESPN channel, which has strong brand recognition in the market.

  1. Kwesé Sports 1 offers the best live sporting action from across the world – NBA, cycling, Copa Del Rey, Premiership Rugby, Brazilian Football, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, World Title Boxing, EFC, Sports News, and dedicated magazine shows – only on Kwesé Sports 1.
  2. Kwesé Sports 2 brings you the best in NFL action, Australian Cricket, athletics, WTA tennis, marathons, volleyball, golf, and so much more to keep you hooked.
  3. Kwesé Free Sports is the exclusive FTA partner for Formula One, NBA, and the Premier league with the world’s best live sports action available for free, 24/7. Note that it is only available in select countries and no subscription fees are required.
  4. ESPN is the world leader in sports entertainment. Broadcasting in over 200 countries, ESPN covers diverse sporting events catering for a global audience of sports enthusiasts including baseball, Indy Cars, NCAA College Sports, Documentaries, AFL, News and Studio Shows, and everything in-between.
  5. NBA TV is your courtside ticket to the NBA lifestyle. Catch up with some of your favourite players, the latest news, and keep track of all the games live.
  6. Liverpool TV is the dedicated official channel for English football club Liverpool FC
  7. eSportsTV delivers unforgettable gaming experiences to the passionate fans of eSports. Powered by ESL, coverage includes tournaments such as the Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One, and Pro League circuits. eSportsTV screens over 2,000 hours of live gaming every year.


The news line-up provides a range of perspectives and includes Bloomberg for a market with a keen interest in business.

  1. BBC World News is a 24-hour news and informaFon channel that features the most up-to-date news, interviews, business reports, sports results, and weather. Catch the best of the BBC’s award-winning current affairs, documentary, and lifestyle programming.
  2. Al Jazeera English is a 24-hour English Language news and current affairs channel. It aims to provide both a regional voice and a global perspective to a potential world audience of over 1 billion English speakers, without an Anglo-American worldview.
  3. Africanews is a 24-hour news channel based out of Pointe-Noire in the Republic of the Congo. It is a subsidiary of France-based Euronews.
  4. Sky News brings you breaking news, headlines, and top stories from business, politics, entertainment, and more in the UK and worldwide.
  5. TVC News is a 24-hour television news channel owned by Continental Broadcasting Service Nigeria Ltd., based in Lagos. Its mission is to tell the many positive stories coming out of Africa.
  6. CNN is the network widely known to be the most trusted source for news and informaFon. CNN is proud of its ability to bring you up-to-the-minute and breaking news from around the world.
  7. CNBC is the recognised world leader in business news and provides real-time financial market coverage and business information from Africa and across the globe.
  8. France 24 brings you breaking news from across the world. Their journalists and unique network of correspondents offer viewers comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints via news bulletins, reports, magazine programmes, and debates.
  9. DW is Germany’s international news channel with a lineup of news, features, and documentaries covering everything from business, science, and politics to arts, culture, and sports. DW – Made for Minds.
  10. Bloomberg Television is the leading source of worldwide financial news, information, analysis, and communication – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  11. WION is a team of seasoned and daring, young journalists of diverse nationalities. World is One News, WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. Using social media platorms, the conversation is opened about the world with viewers aiming to empower people to explore their world.


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As a steadfast companion on the path of hope, Kwesé provides a range of emotionally transformative faith-based channels. The line-up aims to inspire the reverent souls of every viewer seeking to bring the enduring joy of religious enlightenment to their homes.

  1. Flow TV is a Christian channel bringing hope to inspire change by providing the best Christian entertainment and lifestyle programming.
  2. ITV is an African community station, with a strong Islamic ethos, that brings you current affairs, news, business, documentaries, information, education, and entertainment. Dedicated to unity between Islam and the world, ITV is great viewing for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
  3. EWTN is dedicated to teaching the truth as defined by the Roman Catholic Church. EWTN brings you inspiring talk shows, entertaining children’s animation, exclusive teaching series, live coverage of Church events, and thought-provoking documentaries.
  4. Hillsong Channel is a Christian faith channel from the global Hillsong church and TBN America. The programming consists mainly of Christian worship services, sermons, and talk shows.
  5. Dove TV is a Christian family channel that is focused on broadcasting inspiring programming with high moral and ethical values that appeals to children, youth, and the elderly across the globe.

Note that the channels keep on being added on, and vary by region.


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