Smile Uganda just cut their 4G LTE data bundle prices for this festive season

smile uganda 4g lte mifi

Smile Uganda has been one of the forefront internet service providers to lean on without worry in Uganda. Customers have enjoyed numerous benefits, including discounts and promotions, and this festive season won’t go unmentioned.

Effective 15th November, Smile Uganda reduced the prices of their bigger data bundles to give customers more data this festive season at lower prices.

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Key to note is a reduction in the price for the 50GB Anytime bundle reduced from UGX 530,000 to UGX 300,000; and the 100GB Anytime bundle reduced from UGX 1,020,000 to UGX 520,000.

There’s also a new 200GB Anytime bundle at only UGX 1,020,000, with speed up to 21Mbps

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Take a look at the packages available.

SmileUnlimitedFUPValidity (days)Price (UGX)Additional value
UnlimitedEssential (up to 2Mbps)25GB30179000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM, 3GB daily)
UnlimitedPremium (up to 6Mbps)75GB30330000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM)
UnlimitedPlatinum (up to 6Mbps)120GB30550000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM)
SmileAnytime (up to 21Mbps)DataValidity (days)Price (UGX)Additional value
20GB20GB30250000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM, 3GB daily) + SmileON*
50GB50GB30300000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM, 3GB daily) + SmileON*
100GB100GB30520000FREE night access (Midnight to 6AM, 3GB daily) + SmileON*
NEW 200GB200GB301020000SmileON*
Smile Night and Weekend (up to 21Mbps)DataValidity (days)Price (UGX)Additional value
SmileLite (up to 2Mbps)DataValidityPrice (UGX)Additional value
1GB1GB30 days32000
1.5GB1.5GB30 days40000
SmileFlexy (up to 21Mbps)DataValidityPrice (UGX)Additional value
NEW 100MB100MB24-hours2000
NEW 200MB200MB24-hours3000
NEW 300MB300MB24-hours5000
NEW 500MB500MB24-hours7000

SmileON* keeps you connected when your data bundle is depleted. We will keep you connected to selected websites to do your banking, browsing, email, messaging and social media.

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How to Recharge your Smile Uganda data bundles

You can recharge with ease online using your email address with XpressRecharge and follow the easy steps to pay securely online with Mobile Money, VISA/MasterCard or PayPal. You can also recharge and pay with cash or card at PayWay, ChapChap, NewPay, Ezeemoney and Pebuu outlets or visit any of our Smile outlets closest to you.

Smile Uganda also introduced two NEW SuperDeals acquisition offers under the “Don’t Miss a Moment.” promo. Customers can buy a MiFi4 for only UGX 149,000 with 5GB data valid for 30 days, or a Smile SIM card for only UGX 20,000 with 1GB valid for 7 days.

All customers who join during the promotional period between 15 November 2017 and 14 February 2018 will get 1GB FREE every month for the next 6 months provided they recharge with a monthly data bundle of at least 500MB data.


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