What is screen-to-body ratio on smartphones?

When you are shopping for a new handset, most of us are really specific on a given display size. That is the diagonal length of the display, corner to opposite corner. This only tells us how big the display is, not including the bezels around the screen.

It is important to know just how big these bezels are as these determining the portability of the device in question, especially in a world where we are constantly pushing the limit on acceptable screen sizes.

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Screen-to-body ratio is essentially  a measure of how much of the front face is covered by the display. It is often presented as a percentage.
For example, a device with a screen-to-body ratio of 50% means it has as much body surface on the front as it has screen surface. Conversely, a device with 100% screen-to-body ratio means the front panel is fully covered by the display with no visible body.

This particular metric is important considering how OEM’s have been pushing the limit on display sizes way past the 6″ mark and beyond. This metric will determine the final size of the devices. Screen-to-body ratio is arguably the most important piece of data for portable devices like phones going into the future.

Courtesy of UberGizmo


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