WhatsApp receives a slew of new features for Groups on iOS and Android

Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company, is pushing it’s ideas for group chats on the popular instant messaging platform. In a bid to get you into more ‘meaningful’ groups, WhatsApp is launching a set of new features and tools for group administrators. The features that are also available for group members are meant to bring the platform to par with it’s competition, such as Telegram.

Group admins on iOS and Android can now set a description for their community. With this, admins can explain the aim and functions of the group, or even state the rules of a group. This description message appears when someone checks out the group and also on top of the group chat window when someone joins the group. Administrators now also get to choose who gets to make changes to the group title, group profile image and other group settings. Group members also get a catch up feature that shows messages that they have been mentioned in. This makes it a lot easier for users to catch up, especially in fast moving chats.

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These are features are based on user requests. We develop the product based on what our users want and need.” A WhatsApp spokesperson said when asked why it’s making this update. “There are also people coming together in groups on WhatsApp like new parents looking for support, students organizing study sessions, and even city leaders coordinating relief efforts after natural disasters.”

These new group features will help WhatsApp compete more favorably against the likes of Telegram. Telegram has proven to be very popular, especially when it comes to group chats. It still boasts of a lot more granular control for group admins.

Together, these new features could make sure people find relevant groups, naturally acclimate to their culture, and don’t troll everyone. WhatsApp is already the world’s biggest instant messaging platform. The next phase of this mammoth platform seems to be enhanced interaction among the users. People already do this one on one in chats and WhatsApp calls and video calls. It makes sense that WhatsApp develop it’s group chat features and tools.


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