Uganda ranks 10th among African countries with fastest mobile internet speeds

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Smartphones, mobile data plans and mobile phones in general have significantly become affordable within Africa, a great contribution to the increase in mobile internet users on the continent. And while mobile data connections are getting faster all over the world with 40% of the world population having an internet connection, the speeds in Africa could still be wanting.

As the 2018 Jumia Mobile Report indicated that 19 million Ugandans have access to the internet over the majority of 2017, making it a 44% penetration rate, and ranking the country as 15th in internet usage across Africa – behind giants in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya – a report from Speedtest Intelligence ranks Uganda 10th among the African countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds, 115th globally.

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This list is based on results for the month of May, and countries must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband to be ranked.

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The leading countries globally are Norway, with a download speed of 62.7 Mbps, followed by Qatar with 59.8 Mbps. The African countries are led by Tunisia as in the list below:

1. Tunisia
Download Speed (Mbps)-19.21
Upload Speed (Mbps)-7.99

2. Morocco
Download Speed (Mbps)-18.52
Upload Speed (Mbps)-9.08

3. Egypt
Download Speed (Mbps)-15.89
Upload Speed (Mbps)-7.67

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4. Kenya
Download Speed (Mbps)-15.39
Upload Speed (Mbps)-7.82

5. Côte d’Ivoire
Download speed (Mbps)-14.71
Upload Speed (Mbps)-8.46

6. Mauritius
Download Speed (Mbps)-13.24
Upload Speed (Mbps)-5.84

7. Namibia
Download Speed (Mbps)-10.82
Upload Speed (Mbps)-8.19

8. Nigeria
Download Speed (Mbps)-10.04
Upload Speed (Mbps)-4.23

9. Tanzania
Download Speed(Mbps)-9.13
Upload Speed (Mbps)-4.94

10. Uganda
Download Speed (Mbps)-8.55
Upload Speed (Mbps)-3.96

11. Senegal
Download Speed (Mbps)-8.25
Upload Speed (Mbps)-4.19

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12. Ghana
Download Speed (Mbps)-7.88
Upload Speed (Mbps)-4.27

13. Algeria
Download speed (Mbps)-7.53
Upload speed (Mbps)-4.86

14. Libya
Download speed (Mbps)-4.31
Upload speed (Mbps)-1.25

And just so you know, there are European countries below Uganda in ranking; one of these being Bosnia and Herzegovina with a download speed of 7.47 Mbps and upload speed of 1.8 Mbps.


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