How to replace a lost national ID in Uganda

national id

A national ID is an asset, a great asset to any Ugandan. From eliminating false identity attempts by individuals, to being a mandatory requirement in almost every service such as Passport Processing & Issuance, Immigration checks, URA, NSSF, in the banks, employment, name it all.

Damaging or losing such an asset might not be something you wish for yourself, but in the event that it occurs, a quick solution is a must-do.

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The first thought that should ring to your mind is NIRA – the National Identification Regulatory Authority, the body in charge of replacing lost national ID Cards to citizens in cases where a card has been lost or damaged.

Steps in replacing your lost/damaged National ID

Go ahead and report the loss of your national ID card to the police station in the area in which you lost the card, and if you do not remember where exactly, report to the nearest station. You should get a replacement request notice from the police which you will use in the process of contacting NIRA.

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Some good samaritans do come across lost cards and hand them over to NIRA. So, you may check on NIRA’s publications for lost and found cards from this link to see if your ID card is among the list. And if it happens to be, go to NIRA Headquarters at Kololo Airstrip to retrieve it.

If it is not, you will have to download NIRA application form 11 for lost identity card and fill it in accurately. Then, visit the URA web portal, register for a Payment Reference Number and pay the fees (UGX 50,000) to the bank.

After this, go to NIRA offices, submit in the form, police report and confirmation of payment slip. It is from here that you should be told of the next step of securing your replacement.

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Previously, when one lost an ID, replacement was only at NIRA head offices in Kololo, but currently NIRA is working on opening other offices in 17 districts to enable those who lost their National Identification Cards get replacements from their districts and save them walking distances to Kampala to get the services.


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