Csquared Home Fiber starts rolling out in select areas in Kampala

Data bundles. We love them and we hate them too. We love data bundles because they give you quick and fast access to the internet on the go when and where you need it. Like when you have to do that live-tweeting gig at an event, post to instagram or quickly reply an email. But when you want to stream movies and shows on Netflix or Watch live games or take a Skype call, bundles just don’t cut it.

That is where Fiber internet comes in. While Fiber is the new cool kid on the block, it’s not yet fully ubiquitous on every block. Fiber until now has mostly been left to Telcos themselves to use as fast pipes to their deliver data bundles to your smartphone and to big corporate companies for office internet. But what if I told you Fiber internet is here — at your home?

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Cquared, a company under Google is rolling out internet to homes via super fast fiber network. The company says they have begun rolling out in Kampala and are currently in Kiwatule and Lubowa. If you live near those neighborhoods, then you qualify to sign up for Google’s Home fiber internet packages via www.homefiber.co.ug. Cquared is still quite on actual packages and pricing at this point in time, but we shall keep you updated as and when we get more detailed information.

Meanwhile Zuku Fiber is already operational in Bukoto and Ntinda areas with Fiber Internet + TV packages started from Ugx 150,000/month.

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CSquared has built more than 800 km of fiber in the cities of Kampala and Entebbe; and 840 km of fiber in the Ghanaian cities of Accra, Tema, and Kumasi. CSquared is a Spin off of Project Link, a project by Google started in 2013 intended to build world-class, high-speed urban fiber networks in Africa’s metropolises.


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