5 Applications that will show you detailed specifications about your phone

Essentially, if you are looking to buy a new phone, one of the most important things to look out for are the phone specifications. Also, you will need to know your phone’s specifications when you need it fixed or when you are reselling it among others.

Here, are five applications that will show you detailed specifications about any phone.

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My Specs

With this application, you are able to find latest Tech news, phones and their specs along with compare, filters and reviews.


Complete specs of your device.
This app will automatically notify you about the latest news.
Find complete specs of all the phones out there. You can filter the phones with more than 65 filters like never before. Also you will be able to compare at most 3 phones simultaneously.
The app also has detailed and expert reviews of the latest devices.


This is a free application that reports information about your Android phone. It is the Android version of the popular CPU identification tool for PC.


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CPU-Z shows the following:

– SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core ;
– System information : device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.;
– Battery information : level, status, temperature, capacity ;
– Sensors.

My Device

My Device is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know all the essential details about your phone. Whether it be information regarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of your device or tech specs about your battery or all the relevant information about your device sensors.

You can explore the..
Manufacturer, Brand, Model, Board Type, Hardware, Serial Number, Android ID, Screen Resolution, Boot Loader and Host

Operating System;
Version, Release date, Supported Status, Version Number, API Level, Build ID, Build Time among others.

Memory Usage Detail graphical view, CPU Model, RAM Usages, ABI, CPU Variant, Serial number, CPU Implementer, CPU Port, CPU Revision, Hardware Model among others.

Battery Type, Battery Health, Battery Level, Power Source, Voltage, Temperature, Status

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Internal and External Detail Storage details, Used Storage, Free Storage, Total Storage

The app also shows Network, Camera, and Sensors details.


With this app, you can monitor your hardware in real time and get complete information about your device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, disk, network, sensors and operating system.

It provides detailed CPU and System-on-a-chip (SOC) info available. See specifications for Bluetooth, GPU, RAM, storage and other hardware in your phone or tablet. Find all the details about your WiFi and mobile networks, including dual SIM info. Get real time sensor data. Learn about your phone’s operating system and architecture.

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DevCheck displays advanced camera specifications, including sensor size, pixel size, aperture, focal length, ISO range, RAW capability, face detection, 35mm equivalents and more

It also offers real-time monitoring of CPU and GPU frequencies, temperatures, memory usage, battery stats, deep sleep and up time. Click on the CPU frequencies for a summary of CPU frequency usage and time in deep sleep. Click on the temperatures for a complete list of temperature sensors on your device. All this can be accessed on its Dashboard.

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On the Hardware section, it displays all detail about your SOC, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, bluetooth and other hardware, including chip names and manufacturers, architecture, processor cores, configuration, manufacturing process, frequencies, governor, memory type and bandwidth, storage capacity, resolution, OpenGL, and panel type. Some information requires root access.

You can also get all info about your device, including codename, brand, manufacturer, bootloader, radio, serial number, device id Android version, security patch level and kernel. DevCheck can also check root, busybox, KNOX status and other interesting information.

Battery: real-time info about your battery status, temperature, level, technology, health, voltage, current and capacity

Network: shows info about your WiFi and mobile/cellular connections, including IP addresses (ipv4 and ipv6), connection info, operator, phone number, phone and network type, public IP and more. Most complete dual SIM information available

Apps: Detailed info and management of all your apps. Running apps provides list of apps and services running on your device, with current memory usage. On Android Nougat or later, memory usage is only available on rooted devices.

Specifications for front and back cameras: resolution (megapixels), sensor size, pixel size, ISO range, RAW capability, aperture, focal length, crop factor, field of view, focus modes, flash modes, JPEG quality and image format, max face count and available face detection modes

Sensors: a list of all sensors on the device, including type, manufacturer, power and resolution. Real time graphical info for accelerometer, step detector, gyroscope, proximity, light and other sensors.

It has a Pro version available for purchase. This includes completely customizable, movable, always-on-top floating monitors. This allows you to monitor CPU frequencies, temperatures, GPU frequency, battery, network activity, signal strength, memory and system load in real time while using other apps. The size, transparency and position of the overlay windows is completely adjustable. On Android 5.0 and above, the floating monitors can be conveniently docked to the status bar. A click-through option also available.

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The pro version also allows you to switch between light and dark Material Design themes and choose from nine different color schemes that is, amber, blue, slate grey, aqua, red, green, orange, pink and indigo.

Smartphone Specification

Smartphone Specification APP provides you with detailed specification and features of smartphone from all the major brands. We cover each and every smartphone out there in the world. All latest smartphone are added as soon as they are announced or rumored.
You can also compare smartphones using this app.

It provides these features for any smartphone under any company :
Status of smartphone
The dimensions of a smartphone.
The weight of a smartphone.
SIM type and no. of SIM slots.
Display Type.
Display Size.
Display Resolution.
Display Protection and Operating System details.
GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ).
SD-Card slot.
Memory and RAM.
Among others.

It also provides the specifications for smartwatches too.

Those these apps may eat up some of your device’s space and RAM, they are complete packages and are mostly available for Android phones. Have you used any apps to find out phone specifications? Share your experience in the comments below.


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