Excting New features of the Camon 11 and Camon 11 Pro

TECNO has a track record of embracing recent technology trends with its smartphones. Earlier this year, the Chinese company updated the Camon 9 with the Camon X and Camon X Pro. These included a selection of new features and software enhancements. The manufacturer has continued this trend with the launch of the Camon 11 and Camon 11 Pro. So what are the new features of the Camon Pro and Camon?

A few days ago, we shared our first impressions of the Camon 11 Pro after taking a quick look at an early access unit. Before we the Camon Pro review, here are the new features of the Camon Pro and Camon. We’ll take a look at each major feature, one by one.

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AI Technology Captures More Beauty of You

New AI technology advances include more accurate facial recognition capability. Camon 11 and Camon 11 Pro cameras are able to improve self-portraits with the help of AI Beauty. This is by recognizing up to 240 points on the face of the subject.

Consequently, this delivers better beautification effects no matter the gender or age. They also have self-learning capabilities based on user preferences, plus other added fun features. The Camon 11 phones also support Face Unlock option and are equipped with powerful AI adjustable front LED flashlights. This allows users to get beautiful and realistic photos with a certain flash level customized for you.

Advanced cameras

Taking selfies has never been better, thanks to the advanced 16 MP front camera for the Camon 11 and 24 MP for the Camon 11 Pro. These front cameras have a wide dynamic range due to the AI feature in HDR mode, guaranteeing perfect shots in any light.

In low light conditions, the camera takes several pictures at once, combining them into one clear shot. This creates accurate detail processing and eliminates the problem of image blur. AI is also able to automatically recognize scenes and adapt to shooting conditions. It also selects the optimal parameters for a wide variety of shooting modes from sports to portrait.

The dual camera is designed for impressive shots to gain popularity in social networks. Night shooting mode is also based on AI-technology and provides high detail photos, even in conditions of limited lighting.

The storage – 6 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM

The Camon 11 Pro has a ground-breaking 6 GB RAM and 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor, taking your “speed” to the next level. Feel free to watch your favorite videos, download content, play games. Additionally, The Camon 11 and Camon 11 Pro have machine learning technology which helps to accelerate games and put the phone into anti-disturb mode for users. Consequently, users enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

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More Fun with Animoji

Animoji combines human expressions with 3D virtual expressions through Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and creates dynamic cartoon images in keyboard, which is embedded in the typewriting and allows for usage in all major instant messengers and social networks – Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google+, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc. Animated emoji reads facial movements and recreates them, making chatting with friends so much more fun!

Advanced HiOS Software – Favorite Apps at Your Fingertips

The HiOS software is intelligent enough to recognize your favorite apps and have them open in just 0.3 s through your different fingerprints. One can set up “Google + Facebook + YouTube” to open using your forefinger print or access “Instagram + Google Map + Snapchat“ via your mid-finger print, all at your personalized convenience.

Call Recording by Fingerprint

Conversations embody our relationships, fuel career growth, offer evidence for justice, and more. From helping us keep alive the memory of loved ones, to keeping records of legal discussions, conducting interviews or even making customer service calls, the Camon 11 or Camon 11 PRO makes recording calls a breeze. By just a simple tap of the fingerprint scanner, the call will be recorded immediately.

The Tecno Camon 11 devices are created for customers who who follow the latest technological trends and want to stand out. The new AI technology enables customers to do more with their phones and have fun at the same time.


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