CES 2019: Google Assistant is coming to bathroom mirrors

CES2019 is underway in Las Vegas and as has been the case with all previous CES from previous years, in between the genuinely useful innovations, we expect to see the unexpected.

It is 2019 and smart assistants are now really good; Google Assistant being the leader of the pack. It all started with the smart voice assistant on our phone and it seems as though everyone is now incorporating Google Assistant into their product.

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This time, it is digital home tech company Capstone Connected Home that has got the attention of everyone in the industry. The company has announced the launch of its Google-enabled Smart Mirror, with both voice and touch screen capabilities at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The Smart Mirror allows you to access Google Assistant, check weather and traffic before you head out for the day, and stream YouTube – handy if you find your daily skincare routine to be a bit of a drag. 

According to the company, you will also be able to run downloadable applications on the mirror and this will allow you to access your social media feeds among many other functions. It however remains unclear which Google Play applications will work with this Smart Mirror.

Smart Mirror should blend in seamlessly to any home, appearing like a normal mirror when not in use. Capstone Connected Home says that it will be available to buy in the next few months, but hasn’t yet disclosed any pricing information.

There are DIY projects out there that have seen people make their own Alexa-powered smart mirrors using Raspberry Pi’s, old LCD monitors and a little woodwork so obviously, it was only a matter of time before someone got serious with and brought an actual product to market.

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