Opera Browser Starts Rolling Out Free VPN for Android Users Again

Online privacy is what we mobile users look forward to avoiding our data being leaked out. Putting this in mind, Opera has commenced the integration of a free VPN into its browser for Android users. And this isn’t the first time.

With the free unlimited VPN, what Opera has in stock is no-log management and additional layer of security. The no-log feature entails that when data is being transferred between the anonymous IP address and the network, their information doesn’t get to be snooped or gathered. That’s a plus given the threats free VPNs pose.

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Opera free VPN

The VPN offers a change of virtual IP address to servers in three locations such as Europe, Asia, and America. An optimal mode is also in the list of options to help select the server with the best network route in your region. In addendum, there’s no usage cap to the service. You can also disengage the VPN when using search engines for more streamlined information.

Currently, the Opera Browser’s free in-built VPN is being offered in the beta version. Once they’re finished with the beta testing, the VPN will be released to the general public. Before then, you can download the Opera Browser Beta here.

Opera Browser’s statement read:

“We began to gradually roll out the Opera browser beta for Android with the built-in VPN, which improves your online experience and safety. Be among the first testers”.

Back in 2016, Opera Browser in collaboration with Surf Easy offered Android users an Opera VPN. The VPN services included privacy, ad tracker blocking, Wi-Fi security test, and others. Last year, the service was discontinued, thereby breaking the hearts of the populace in the process. It’s a different story now as they’re restoring the service.

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