Microsoft warns Windows 7 users of the imminent end to support


For years now, Microsoft has been offering a free upgrade for its Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10, and now, that has stopped. It will begin to warn said users about the soon to end update to the 10 year old Windows version. Windows 7 users will stop receiving security updates come January 14, 2020, which will leave your system vulnerable to attack and threats. The new development is a way of making people switch to the latest operating system which does not only offer a better experience but also improved security.

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Current users on the platform will start receiving on-screen pop-ups and notification tray alerts by April 18. Users of Windows 7 make up a sizeable 40% of desktop clients which is still a significant percentage. Organizations still on the old software might find it hard to transition to the latest one due to fear of incompatibility issue with apps in use that might result from the switch. In light of this issue, Microsoft has developed a Desktop Aperture program to help better navigate issues with as little problem as possible.

However, there is still like 10 months till security updates will stop and that can be considered as plenty of time to swap out the old OS for the newer Windows 8 or Windows 10. If for any reasons you are not able to do so, enterprise users can pay for security updates and support up until January 2023. The cost for the first year is $25 per computer, for the second is $50 per computer and the last year will require you to pay $100 per computer.

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Windows 10 users are currently about 800 Million and the movement for an upgrade is part of the recent effort to get to a billion mark. The next version after Windows 7, which is Windows 8, will continue receiving update till 2023.


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