Here are other Ride-hailing services in Nigeria (asides Uber & Bolt)

Ride-hailing services in Nigeria

The Nigeria Ride-hailing ecosystem is presently not what it used to be. About five (5) years ago, the niche was a non-existent one in the Nigeria tech ecosystem. Now, however, it might interest you to know that there are about 20 players in the e-hailing business in Nigeria.

Dominated by Uber (launched in 2014) and Bolt (formerly Taxify; launched in 2016), there are other (less popular) players in the ride-hailing ecosystem of Nigeria. This article lists out other notable Taxi apps in Nigeria, their modus operandi, location of operation, features, and other details worth knowing.

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1. GidiCab

GidiCab is a new entrant into the Nigeria ride-hailing ecosystem. The Taxi booking service was launched in March 2019 by founders and owners of Nigeria’s foremost social media Twitter page, GidiTraffic (@giditraffic) and is currently functional in the cities and regions in Lagos State, Nigeria. The platform which according to the founders was “created to help you move around with ease” will be competing for playing ground with top players like Taxify and Uber.

Some competitive advantages and features of GidiCab over its rivals include Trip borrowing, booking future trips, ability to see trip fare live on-the-go, etc.

2. OgaTaxi

OgaTaxi is another big name in the Nigeria ride-hailing space. The self-acclaimed premier of community-focused taxi app in West Africa debuted in the country in June 2014. The company is headquartered at the country’s capital, Abuja but is fully operational in cities of Lagos, Rivers, and Abuja.

One unique feature of OgaTaxi that makes it stand out from competitors is the availability of three different ride options — Standard, Deluxe, and Executive. Standard rides are the most basic and most affordable while Executive rides are the most premium. According to OgaTaxi, the company intends to “expand to more cities in West Africa with focus on creating a system creating a system that provides equitable fare rates for both the passenger and driver.”

3. PamDrive

PamDrive is another taxi booking services indigenous to Nigeria. The company was founded on May 1, 2016, and runs a 24-hour taxi booking service under three (3) different categories — Comfort, Premium, and Executive. PamDrive is headquartered in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State but is operational in Rivers and Enugu state.

The company also offers city-to-city transport and logistics booking services.

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4. RideMeTaxi

Launched in Lagos in July 2018, RideMe Taxi is one of the sleekiest and feature-packed e-hailing taxi-service in Nigeria. In addition to pocket-friendly fare rates for its customers, RideMe also operates a no-commission structure for drivers that sign up on the platform. This makes it the first (and only) e-hailing platform that takes no commission from its drivers.

Another unique feature of RideMe Taxi is its “Female-for-Female” service. The service gives verified lady/female riders the option of selecting a lady/female drivers to ride them to their destination. This is also a first-of-its-kind in the Nigeria ride-hailing ecosystem. So if you’re a lady and you get frightened by male drivers, you can select female drivers to pick you up.

Other features of the RideMe Taxi platform include live-chat with customer care reps and an in-app SOS button for emergencies. RideMe Taxi is currently operational in Lagos, Nigeria.

5. RideOn

RideOn is also a new entrant into the ride-hailing business. The e-Hailing service was founded in June 2018 and is currently headquartered and operational in Enugu state, Nigeria. Asides its regular taxi hailing service, RideOn also offers “Special services” like Special Rides, Out-of-the-city rides, Tow vehicles, etc.

6. Pair

Pair (currently operational in Lagos only) is quite different from all other ride-hailing companies mentioned above. Pair is a subscription-based ride-sharing service that matches users with pair drivers (car-owners with similar work schedule) that share common routes to and from work. Pair is built majorly for people who enjoy the comfort of a private car on their way to and from work.


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