5 Ways to Pay Your DStv and GOtv Subscriptions in Nigeria

Owned and operated by MultiChoice, DStv and GOtv are two of the most popular digital TV services in Nigeria. If you live in Nigeria, chances are you there is at least one DStv or GOtv set-top box connected to your TV set. This is so because both services offer the some of the best (global and local) contents in the country across different categories: sports, entertainment, movies, news, events, kiddies entertainment, etc.

And as you already know, both DStv and GOtv services are available on different subscription-based packages (called Bouquets)… which can only be accessed when you pay a monthly fee. Before we talk about the different ways through which you can pay for your DStv and GOtv fees in Nigeria, take a look at the different bouquets that are available on the DStv and GOtv platform.

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GOtv Bouquets/Packages

As at the time of writing this article, GOtv runs five (5) monthly-based subscription pages.

  1. GoTv Lite — Costs NGN 400 / month; offers 25 channels.
  2. GOtv Value — Costs NGN 1,250 / month; offers 43 channels.
  3. GOtv Plus — Costs NGN 1,900 / month; offers 67 channels.
  4. GOtv Max — Costs NGN 3,200 / month; offers 75 channels.
  5. GOtv Mobile Access — NGN 630 Naira / month

DStv Bouquets/Packages

Currently, DStv runs six (6) monthly-based subscription pages for the Nigerian customer.

  1. DStv FTA Plus — Costs NGN 1600 / month; offers 6 (Local) channels.
  2. DStv Access — Costs NGN 2,000 / month; offers 91 channels.
  3. DStv Family — Costs NGN 4,000 / month; offers 110 channels.
  4. DStv Compact — Costs NGN 6,800 / month; offers 165 channels.
  5. DStv Compact Plus– Costs NGN 10,650 / month; offers 174 channels.
  6. DStv Premium — Costs NGN 15,800 / month; offers 183 channels.

How to Pay & Renew DStv and GOtv Subscriptions in Nigeria

1. Using Online Payment Services

Thanks to technology and innovation, Nigeria is now home to many (budding, small, and big) online payment service providers. Interestingly, (almost) all these providers support cable and digital TV payments. Some top payment providers that support payment and renewal of DStv and GOtv payments include Paga, Quickteller, JumiaPay, KongaPay, eTranzact, PayU, etc.

Pay Your DStv and GOtv Subscriptions in Nigeria

Visit any payment service provider of choice, create an account and navigate to the “Pay Bills” section. Select your cable TV (DStv or GOtv) as appropriate. Proceed to enter your details and decoders details (Smart card number for DStv; IUC number for GOtv), select what bouquet/package you’d love to subscribe, and then proceed to pay.

2. Using Banking apps

You can also pay for DStv and GOtv subscription directly from your bank app. Almost every standard bank in Nigeria has functional (web and mobile) app through which customers can directly send and receive funds, purchase airtime, and pay bills.

Navigate to the “Bills” or “Pay Bills” section of your bank app and you should see a provision for cable TV payment. Select which of the TV service you want to pay for, enter your digital TV details, select the bouquet/plan you want to purchase and pay.

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3. Self service

Multichoice runs an “Eazy Self Service” platform for both the DStv and GOtv platforms. The Eazy Self Service platform allows you manage your DStv/GOtv accounts online, clear error codes, pay for packages and upgrade your subscription. The Eazy Self service platform even allows you pay for someone else.

For GOtv users, visit the payment portal on the GOtv Eazy Self Service platform, enter your GOtv account details (IUC number) and proceed to pay.

Pay Your DStv and GOtv Subscriptions in Nigeria

For DStv users, visit the payment portal on the DStv Eazy Self Service platform, enter your Smart card number, and proceed to pay.

Pay Your DStv and GOtv Subscriptions in Nigeria

4. Offline Multichoice Branches/Offices

If you really aren’t a fan of paying for services on the internet, you can also pay for DStv or GOtv packages and renew your subscription at any local/offline Multichoice branches close to your locale.

5. DStv and GOtv Dealers

You can also pay for your subscription packages offline through your DStv and GOtv dealers. You can check out the DStv dealers in your city, street, suburbs, and province HERE. For GOtv users, find GOtv dealers near your on THIS PAGE.

These are five (5) commons ways through which you can pay and renew your GOtv and DStv subscriptions in Nigeria. Are there any other means through which you pay for your DStv and GOtv subscriptions in Nigeria? Kindly share in the comments box.


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