Orange Uganda 4G LTE: All you need to know

Orange Uganda yesterday “over-clocked” its network to 4G LTE at an event graced with demos of the new network’s faster and superior performance at its Head Quarters in Kampala. The network, much as it is the market leader in the data market in the region, it wasn’t the first to introduce 4G — the next generation of cellular networks after 3G — as it comes after Smile Communications and MTN Uganda in that order.

With some information from Orange itself, we’ve put up this blog post on whatever information you might need regarding the carrier’s 4G network.

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What is Orange 4G LTE

Orange 4G LTE is a new wireless internet access technology that enhances the existing Orange 3G+ data services to enable exceptionally faster data rates to and from the internet

How does it compare to 2G, 3G and 3.75G or 3G+

Orange 4G LTE is the 4G internet service from Orange, the next natural step from the 3G+ internet services of up to 42Mbps and 21Mbps speeds. Anyone using Orange 4G LTE will be able to enjoy wireless internet access at exceptionally higher speeds than 42Mbps and still have access to already existing  super high  3G+  speeds (21Mbps to 42Mbps) , fast  3G (7.5Mbps to 14 Mbps)  and basic  2G access (GPRS and EDGE) in non LTE covered areas.

Where will Orange 4G LTE be available

At the moment Kampala and some surrounding areas are covered with more sites to be added throughout the year . Please visit for more. information about 4G LTE, 3G+ , 3G and 2G covered areas

What internet speeds can be achieved with Orange 4G LTE

The technology can attain speeds of up to 100Mbps making it the fastest wireless internet access service in the country. The super high speed experience , however, will be defined by a combination of different factors like shared service resources (e.g. bandwidth), dynamic distances from the sites and number of simultaneous users per site. All in all it will feel like the access is instant.

How can I tell if a phone/modem/router is compatible with the Orange 4G LTE network

Simply make sure that it uses the FDD technology at 800MHz at band 20.

What Modems and phones can use Orange 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE version (i9505), HTC One HTC One SV, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 plus  some ZTE and Huawei smartphones. The 4G LTE dongle/modem from Orange costs about  UGX 229,000( $ 91).

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What do people have to do if they have their own 4G LTE device and want to use Orange 4G LTE

Simply walk into an Orange shop for assistance with checking whether  your device is compatible with our LTE network and also to get a brand new LTE SIM card that comes laden with a free  Internet bundle and free minutes to start you off.

Has the cost of data bundles reduced/changed with 4G LTE network

No! The data rates remain the same. Will the Network’s 4G LTE bells and whistles,  performance, coverage, reliability and cost stand-up to the ferocious heat of our reviewers? Stay hooked and find out.


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8 thoughts on “Orange Uganda 4G LTE: All you need to know

  1. Interesting facts but I need to
    1. Test drive an LTE compatible phone and modem so that I can have a fast hand experience. I am also concerned about coverage as their website doesn’t show the latest LTE coverage
    2. I am also looking at actual speeds. Very many claim for speeds they don’t have so we need to know what the actual speeds are.
    3. The availability of affordable LTE devices also becomes an issue. I am looking forward to affordable LTE smart phones may be early next year

    • UGX 229,000( $ 91) for an LTE modem is a little on a high end! That’s more than twice the 3G modems that go for UGX 99,000. 4G phones that are LTE compatible are also high-end phones.

      I think at this point 4G is for early adapters.

      • I think the mistake the lady made was not to tell you that your Samsung galaxy S4 model i9500 is actually 3G and not 4G, that is if its the one you have, the LTE version is a different model its i9505, trust me, if you have that one, you should be able to pick Orange LTE

        • Hi…. sorry I forgot my username and password…. I have the 4g version of the Samsung galaxy s4. The i9505 version. I am certain it doesn’t work as it is not working on my s4 and my new htc one that I recently purchased. Trust me. Both my phones are 4g compatible, I know this. Now 2 months later from my last comment and it seems that all the mobile carriers has increased their internet rates yet they have not increased the speed. This is honestly bullshit. At least if we got faster speeds for the higher price tag, but we’re paying a bigger amount of money for the same damn services.

    • I bought an orange 4g LTE line for 7000 ugx. The Convincing lady at the counter told me that orange offers the best 4g services in uganda. So I buy the line and register it then put it in my phone (samsung galaxy s4) and wait at her desk for the 4g signal or the LTE sign that usually comes by the notification area.


      I ask the lady whats up with the 4g and i quote “Oh, sorry, theres no 4g coverage here”.
      I was in forest mall. So I ask her where there is 4g coverage and she says in bugolobi and names other areas. I just happen to live in bugolobi, so i went home that afternoon and thought i would have “super fast LTE”.


      I mean, if they’re gonna put huge billboards around Uganda with big letters saying there is 4g network around Kampala, could they at least have a disclaimer at the bottom or something.

      Honestly buying the 4g line was a waste of my time.

  2. Hi guys, I have just bought my s4 ( I9505). Ihave put my LTE card but Iit doesn’t even get network. Pls help?

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