How to use the Thanos snap to make search results disappear

Google Thanos Snap

For the Marvel diehards and fans of the Avengers, Google has the perfect gift for you. No, it’s not from Captain America or your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. It is from the Mad Titan, Thanos himself. Do you remember the Thanos snap? Of course, you do.

No spoilers! The hype surrounding the Avengers just escalates every hour. Even after I watched the movie, I still want to go back in the cinema and watch it all over again. It is one of the best movies, if not the best movie in a long time and an epic end to the Avengers sequel.

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Search behemoth Google has joined the Avengers hype with a neat little trick, a recap of Thanos’ iconic snap that wiped half of the world’s population in the Avengers: Infinity War. Anyone can have the power of Thanos with this trick.

How do I get the power of Thanos?

It’s simple. Just Google “Thanos” into the search bar. Its Google business as usual? Yes. The results will come as normal until you snap away.

Click on the Gauntlet, that thing Thanos wore on his arm in Infinity war to wield all the Infinity Stones.

Clicking it will make half of your search results disappear, the same way the people disappeared in the movie. You will actually see the total number of results reduce. But no worries, you won’t need Iron Man’s intellect to get your results back. Just click the Gauntlet again and they will come back.

It works on both Desktop and Mobile. What are you waiting for? Go Google Thanos. See video below

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