Five signs its time to upgrade your computer

Are you wondering whether you should buy a new computer? Your computer may never actually just blow up or catch fire for you to realize that you need to replace it. Here are five signs to show that its time to upgrade your computer.

It runs annoyingly slowly

One of the characteristics of computers is their ability to process data into information quickly. If it happens that basic functionalities like booting up the computer and opening files take abnormally a long period of time, it is time to upgrade to a better computer.

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Unexpected Noises

A good computer is not supposed to make any form of noise. However, during boot up, there can be some little noise from the fan. Also, there can be noise from the DVD drive once you have inserted in a CD.

In case your computer makes unexpected noises or if the noise from the DVD drive or fan is unusual, it is time to upgrade to a better machine.

Constantly In need of repair

In case of a malfunction in your computer systems, it is highly recommended that you see a technician to fix the issue. However, if your computer constantly needs repair, it is high time you upgraded your machine.

Also, it is worth noting that you should be careful about who you give your machine to for repair. Some of these technicians exchange internal components and hence “killing” your machine.

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Continual Crushing

It is annoying when you are busy using your computer and it crashes. the crushing can be due to some operating system issues that can be fixed either by troubleshooting or by a technician.

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In case your computer continuously crushes even after many repairs have been done to it, its time to upgrade to a better one.

Can’t install the latest operating System

Keeping up to date in terms of the operating system is vital and the latest systems come with bug fixes and several systems improvements. In case your computer cannot support the latest operating system, it is high time you upgraded your computer.

Upgrading your computer can be a great way to save cash most especially if most of it was being spent moving from one technician to another. In case you are looking for the red flags to upgrade your computer, above are five of them.


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