How to hide photos, videos, and messages on your phone

One thing I do not like is someone accessing my photos, videos or messages on my phone without my permission. I normally take extra precaution to make sure my private information like photos is hidden. So how do you hide your information on your phone?

On an Android Phone

By hiding the folders

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This is a simple way to hide photos and videos from the Gallery app. You can do this by downloading and installing a file hider app from the Google Play Store like File Hide Expert or File and Folder Hider and then use them to hide your private photos and videos from the Gallery or from anywhere on your device.

You can also use your phone to hide folders. Simply select a folder and choose to hide.

Hide Messages

Android still doesn’t provide a built-in option to hide messages using the system apps which makes the third party apps the only way to hide the messages on your device.

Hide SMS and Call Recorder is an example of an app which could be used for hiding the text messages on your device and protecting them from other people. The app basically acts as an SMS vault and allows you to mark certain contacts on your phone as secured contacts enabling you to send and receive secure text messages from these specific people.

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On an iPhone

Hide Photos and Videos

You can hide photos and videos on your iPhone using the Photos app. This removes the photos from your main Moments index and instead places them into a “hidden” folder on the Albums tab. However, your photos are still accessible.

To mark a photo as hidden, first, select it in your Camera Roll or Moments and hit the Share button. On the bottom row of actions, tap Hide and the photo will disappear. If you want to lock the photos, you could always export them to a new Apple Note.

Hide Messages

Apps like Telegram offer secure end-to-end encryption, self-deleting messages, and passcode or biometric security to stop snoopers gaining access. By comparison, iMessage offers end-to-end encryption, but your messages are not locked away nor do they expire.

You can send and receive scrambled messages by holding the Send button and choosing Invisible Ink. In order to reveal the message contents, you (and the recipient) will need to physically tap the message first.

After a few seconds, the text is obscured again. Invisible Ink messages don’t expire, and they only work with iMessage for iOS, Apple Watch, and macOS.

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