You need to upgrade your old SIM Card to get 4G services

If there is one sentiment all techies can unanimously agree on, its the fact that tech moves at an unprecedented astronomical pace. Two weeks in tech feels like two months in real life. It seems just the other day, we were watching Steve Jobs launch the iPhone 3G and the next generation in internet connectivity and we all thought, wow, that is the future!!! Good times… Now its all about 4G-LTE.

In early 2015, we told you to hold off on hopping onto the 4G hype train that was gaining momentum at the time. But that was then, and this is now. Now, ignore everything David told you back then, get with the times man. Here is why.

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1. 4G now has a much wider coverage

Back in 2015, 4G was still in its infancy globally, let alone in this part of the world. Since then, many carriers have launched their 4G networks and coverage around cities and urban centres is what you would consider acceptable. While owning a 4G phone back the would basically guarantee you’d never get to use that feature, it is now the norm and you should probably get with the times.

2. General device and network performance

So obviously 4G being the next generation over 3G means you get faster data speeds. This means your device can communicate with the web and the various online services more quickly and efficiently. Your phone should also feel alot more snappy as it won’t be working as hard to send and receive data.

However, you should note that you might pay a lot more for data as higher data speeds mean you will be burning through your data plan faster too. You should therefore be on the lookout for nice deals on data like this.

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3. 4G Smartphones have become more available

Back in 2015, smartphones that supported 4G were either too pricy or too hard to find. Fast foward to 2017 and buyers in the market for new phones have tons of options. Even entry level gadgets support this standard that is quickly going mainstream. For a more comprehensive list of 4G devices, check out 4G LTE smartphones: These are some of the smartphones that support 4G. There is something for everyone.

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4. Fast internet allows you to do a lot more

4G LTE more than triples the speeds on 3G networks. This kind of speed allows you to do a lot more data intensive tasks on your phone. With 4G LTE, you can stream media. More and more services allow you to keep your digital media libraries in the cloud. You can stream your Spotify playlist, Listen to internet radio, Netflix.

In conclusion, while 4G really is the way to go, 3G technology is here and it is stronger than ever. 3G coverage is also a lot wider that 4G. Most 3G technologies such as HSPA+ also offer solid speeds that sometimes rival those of 4G. Point is, while it is good to have 4G, if you don’t happen to be in a 4G area, 3G speeds are just as good. Whichever way you go, you are probably guaranteed decent internet speeds.

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