10 Facts about HarmonyOS, Huawei’s new operating system trying to rival Android


The need for Huawei to create its own operating system came when the US government placed a ban on the company which disallows Huawei from trading with any US company. This meant Google had to cancel its Android operating system license given to Huawei for its devices.

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Facts about the Harmony operating system

  • Rumors from people familiar with the development at Huawei said Harmony was not being developed to rival Android, but it was more like Google’s Fuchsia.
  • The Harmony OS is an open-source operating system that means its original source code is publicly available to developers to modify or redistribute it. However, the modified and redistributed version also became open source.
  • For now, Huawei will still be able to use the Android operating system to power its smartphones, certain features, such as Google Maps and YouTube, will be blocked on future Smartphones.
  • According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei consumer business, People find it challenging to pronounce Hongmeng – its original name, hence the use of the English name “Harmony”. Hongmeng is an ancient Chinese word that means the state before the formation of the universe.
  • Huawei started building the Hongmeng Operating system from the year 2012 and had no plan to launch it in 2019. However, because Huawei was subjected to export restrictions by the US government, there was need for a new operating system for their smartphone, hence the launch of Harmony.
  • The Harmony Operating System can be installed on a range of devices which includes; IOT Devices, Smartphones, Wearables, and In-Car entertainment systems.
  • Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu confirms it is not possible to side load and run an Android Apps on Harmony Operating System. However, Android App developers could do a slight modification in their Android App source code to make it runnable on Harmony Operating System.
  • Huawei watches and bracelets will be equipped with Harmony operating system by 2020. They also intend to launch some of its notebook models with HarmonyOS
  • HarmonyOS will be incorporated with Huawei’s connected speakers and Headphones by 2021.
  • Huawei’s augmented reality glasses will be launched in 2022 with HarmonyOS.


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