How to take proper care of your headphones

You can use headphones on your phone, laptop, music player, and speakers among other devices. Failure to take good care of them can cause their sound performance to deteriorate over-time or lead to complete damage.

So how do you take care of your headphones? Here are simple tips to help you take good care of them.

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Always keep the headphones clean

Your headphones and earbuds are bound to get dirty thanks to normal wear and tear, and earwax.

To clean them, you’ll need a soft cloth. You can wet the soft cloth and add a bit of soap, but remember that water doesn’t mix well with electric components. Be sure the cloth is simply a little damp. Then, wipe off all the exposed parts. If any items are removable, take them off and clean and dry them separately, then put them back together.

To clean earbuds, do the same thing but focus on taking off the silicone heads on the ear pieces. Clean them as thoroughly as you can — even use a dry (unused) toothbrush to get into the crevices. You can use the toothbrush to unclog the actual earbuds if they are filled with wax.

Be sure to allow your gear to air dry before using again

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Unplug them after use

Leaving your earbuds attached to your device can lead to unforeseen damage. The cord can be pulled suddenly from the jack or the cord can get tangled, causing the copper cord inside to break. Unplugging your earphone after use will protect the audio connector and the sensitive area where the cord joins the jack. 

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When removing the headphone plug from an audio source, grip and pull the connector. If you pull the cable, you’ll be putting extra stress on the connector, which will eventually damage it.

Avoid sleeping with them on

Rolling over your headphones while sleeping can bend or snap your headphones. Just roll your earbuds in neat coils and place it in a safe place before going to bed. 

Turn down the audio before plugging the headphones in

Ensure that the device is not playing any audio and that the volume is turned right down when connecting or disconnecting the headphones. Failure to do this can cause a ‘pop’ in the earphone which may result in early failure. Once your headphones are plugged in, raise the volume until it’s at a comfortable listening level.

Proper Storage

When storing the earphones, please ensure that the cable is not wrapped too tightly around anything so that stress is not put on the cable. Also, do not pull the cable tightly at the point of entry into the earphones or into the connector. Always try to use a storage case if possible. 

Tangled cabling is a continuing problem and one that can cut down your listening time as you struggle to untangle. Proper storage can save you that.


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