The truth about dreaming big and facing reality — Startup woes

Dreaming big

There is nothing wrong about dreaming(at least from a legal point of view).

Of course you want to achieve your dream the fast, easy way. The paradigm shift brought by the dot com bubble was ease and speed in executing tasks. Human beings are smart and they always want to do things the fast and easy way.

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And the slow, difficult way leaves us disarmed or even hopeless. We look at that gigantic project, that gigantic dream, and we long to crawl back into bed.

Someone comes along and tells you:

“Actually, you can have those things you — money, vacations– with just thirty minutes of work, probably in your house even if you are not an action oriented person.

Of course you’re tempted. Because that message is designed to be tempting.

Here are the truths your winning coach doesn’t tell you about.

It takes time

Gone are the days when operating a business was purely brick and mortar. One had to list there business in local directories, use snail mail and above all have patience as a qualifier to run one.

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Today, most “time saving” technology seems to create more work than it saves time. But for business owners, the revolution in communication technology actually has made our lives a lot better.

And because it lets us deliver a strong marketing message very widely (for very little money) it’s made our businesses a lot less time-consuming and a lot more profitable.

But you’re still going to work your tail off sometimes. You’re still going to have weeks when you’re staying up late and getting up early. When you have no idea quite how it’s all going to get done. And whatever business you create, it isn’t going to start throwing money at you overnight. It takes time.

It takes collective effort

To borrow a cliched quote, no man is an island. Assembling a winning team doesn’t come easy. an A-team has members of complimentary skills who together drive their business to success. However, ganging up doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to succeed, probably it could just be a team of dreamers’ who are later caught up with the hash realities of life.

To have a team that shares a vision is the best gift a business can have.

It takes work

There’s a word for a revenue source that doesn’t take any work on your part. It’s called your day job.

A business takes brains, maybe, not Einstein-level brains. But no, you cannot be that dreamer who doesn’t act(face reality) and make a business work.

Business is complex. It evolves. It adapts. Every business has its weird little secrets that you have to figure out. (And your business’s weird little secrets may be very different from your competitor’s.) Every business has a million possible paths, and you have to figure out one that may not be optimal, but that’s at least pretty good.

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Real business forces you to make decisions. Lots of them. Quickly. And making decisions takes brains. The good news is, you have brains. You may not have drive , but that’s ok, because you can develop that. But there’s no good cure for shear stupidity and delusional dreams.

It feels good to do something that takes time, work, and brains

Actually, you can have all that stuff you want. Freedom, money, nice things. Yes, it’s going to take time, work, and brain power, but that’s why it’s something worth spending your time on.

The thing that makes it difficult and painful is the same thing that makes it important.

Wake up.


Hat tip:Copyblogger

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