8 Tech Companies That Have Democratized Investments in Nigeria


Before now, only a select few Nigerians could invest money in certain kinds of ventures to gain interest. There was a problem of accessibility which formed barriers to only people with certain kinds of connections and funds to make such investments.

(For example, CSL stockbrokers run by FCMB encourages a minimum investment value of N1 Million naira).

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But with the advent of technology, the investment process has now been democratized with almost everyone gaining access to a variety of investment opportunities. This is regardless of how much they have to invest or whatnot.

Some companies have played a major role in making this happen. Let’s take a look at eight (8) of them.

Eight (8) Companies to Invest Online in Nigeria

1. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a savings and investment platform that lets users save with annual interest of between 10.5% – 15% on their savings. They also allow users to invest in mutual funds with as low as N100 naira. Some funds currently listed on the Cowrywise platform include Afrinvest Plutus Fund, United Capital Money Market Fund, Meristem Money Market Fund and more with different risk ranges.

2. PiggyVest

Like Cowrywise, Piggyvest is also a savings and investment platform. Their investment platform “Investify” lists various investment opportunities from time to time across various sectors — Agriculture, Transportation, Real estate, etc. They allow users to invest funds as low as NGN 5000 and promise decent returns, sometimes up to 24% in 12 months, for investors.

3. ThriveAgric

investment companies in nigeria

Agriculture is a sector in Nigeria that thrives, especially with the vast array of arable land available for the purpose. Thriveagric is an agri-tech company that partners with both investors and farmers to produce value. They raise funds from investors/individuals willing to invest and fund farmers to cultivate either crops or livestock. They then share the profits among the parties involved.

4. Trove

Imagine the trouble that rocked stock market investors in the past on accessibility to invest. From the paperwork to the processing time and also the large starting capital. Trove takes care of all of that as you can now invest in the Nigerian Stock Market from just a mobile app. Imagine the convenience as you can easily monitor your stocks too. The days of calling your stock brokers to help you buy or sell stocks and investments are over.

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5. RiseVest

Have you ever thought about making automated and secure dollar-denominated investments in Nigeria? Then, Risevest is your go-to platform. According to the company, they give you an international investment experience, secure global assets and the best possible long-term returns in naira. With Risevest, you can invest in international real estate, stocks and Eurobonds from Nigeria.

6. I-invest

Government securities are one of the safest investment vehicles out there. I-invest allows investors to put their money in some of those like treasury bills (T-Bills) and Eurobonds just from the comfort of a mobile app. Before now, accessing these vehicles was quite the hassle as there were bigger barriers to entry placed. I-invest now makes investing in T-Bill and Eurobonds way easier.

7. Carbon

investment companies in nigeria

Carbon was initially a loan platform known as “Paylater” before rebranding. They offer investors an opportunity to invest at least N50,000 naira on their platform and earn interest of up to 15% annually.

8. Farmcrowdy

Like ThriveAgric, Farmcrowdy is an Agritech company that operates a similar investor fund farmer model. They allow investors to invest in various aspects of agriculture and promises interest up to 12% in 6 months depending on the kind of crop of livestock to be cultivated. Farmcrowdy has also partnered with an insurance company to make sure that investors’ funds are safe no matter the occurrence.

So, there you go; eight (8) online platforms that have democratized investments in Nigeria. Through these, the average Nigerian can now invest in various kinds of assets and properties comfortably. 

Do you know any other platforms not listed here? Tell us in the comment section.


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