Wishlist: The Top 5 Features We Can’t Wait for SafeBoda to Launch on SafeCar


SafeCar, the car-hailing service from SafeBoda, has made a big impact since its launch in September 2022. With over 2,000 rides per week in its early stages, SafeCar has demonstrated significant demand among customers. Although the company has made strides to include all the necessary features of a ride-hailing app, there are a few additions that would make the service even better.

From essential improvements to features inspired by competitors like Uber and Bolt, we’ve gathered a list of desired updates we hope SafeBoda will bring to SafeCar in the coming years.

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1. Ability to Schedule SafeCar Rides

Scheduling rides has been one of the most underrated features on Uber that I enjoyed using. Normally I would pre-order my rides for the next day’s commute to work in the evening hours and It’s something I miss on SafeCar.

Imagine a world where your SafeCar driver’s phone call is the thing that wakes you up to check your location or pickup point. Offering discounts for routine rides and prioritizing scheduling requests can not only enhance the convenience for customers but also increase driver efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. SafeBoda for Business

SafeBoda for business was a unique service that enables companies to open accounts and attach their employees’ accounts and staff to enjoy rides. This way, companies can pay later or deposit the money upfront with SafeBoda, providing a convenient and affordable mode of transportation for their employees.

I was among the customers that were unhappy and frustrated when they disabled this service. Imagine the return of SafeBoda for Business and you are able to hail both a bike and a car with SafeCar. SafeBoda for Business had an amazing business proposition to organizations and it’s something I would be happy about it if SafeBoda brings it back this year.

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3. SafeCar Trip Receipts

Unlike SafeCar, ride-hailing services such as Uber and Bolt provide receipts to their customers after each trip. As an employee, this is beneficial for you as it allows you to easily reclaim reimbursement for any expenses incurred during company business. On the other hand, SafeCar does not currently offer this feature, making it more challenging to keep track of business expenses and receive reimbursement.

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I feel It would be highly beneficial for SafeBoda to implement a feature where customers can request receipts for specific rides. By giving customers the option to request receipts only for the rides they need, it will reduce the amount of clutter in our email inboxes and make it easier for us to keep track of their expenses, and streamline the expense reimbursement process.

4. See Nearby Cars When Hailing a Ride

Improving the ordering screen UI of SafeBoda by incorporating a feature similar to the Uber and Bolt user interface would greatly benefit users by providing more transparency and control over their ride experience. By allowing users to see available or nearby cars when ordering a ride and live track the movement of the car on a map, they will have a better understanding of how long they’ll have to wait and if there are any available cars in their vicinity.

Additionally, adding this feature would not require a significant design change and can easily be integrated into SafeBoda’s existing live location display. This will result in a more efficient and user-friendly ride-ordering process.

5. Carpool Feature or Ability to Order More Than One Trip

I feel the carpool feature will make the SafeCar service even more convenient. This feature allows multiple passengers to share a ride and split the cost, making it more affordable. Major ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber also offer carpooling options, known as Lyft Line and UberPOOL/UberX, respectively.

If you are familiar with Kampala nightlife, you know hanging out with buddies who go to the same neighborhood or hostels (campus life, huh?) is very common. The option to carpool or hail a ride for someone else will come in handy in this case. Some of your friends’ phone batteries may have died and they are unable to hail a ride on their own. This feature will make it easier to ride together and save money, making the end of the night much smoother and stress-free.

And that is it for our top 5 wishlists for the top 5 features we wish to see on SafeCar. Have you used SafeCar before? Share with us in the comment section what features you’d like to see added to the list or if you agree with our list.


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