iPhone 6 Rumors: A bigger iPhone from Apple could be on the Horizon

Weeks after the release of the iPhone 5s, rumors are already going round about Apples iPhone 6 release mid next year. With a lot of pressure to out do themselves like they have done in the past, Apple has found themselves playing catch up instead like with the release of the iPad Mini and the iPhone 4s and 5c

Rumors from Credible sources now claim that Apple is testing two new screen sizes and may release a 4.7 and a 5.7 Inch display size. However other analysts claim that Apple cannot jump from a 4.0 to a 5.7 inch and the only possible screen size from the 4.0 would be a 4.5. A bigger screen on the iPhone or “iPhablet” would be a game changer for Apple as screen size  is one of the major issues customers complain about as competition offers bigger screen size options.

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The rumored design by renown designer Nikola Cerkovic  looks credible and Erik Pineda of the International Business Times said  “The published images are somehow realistic – staying true to the existing iPhone template while accommodating the persistent talks that for the 2014 build, Apple will employ a screen that overlaps to the two sides of the device, leaving just enough space on the top and bottom parts”

Many analysts picture the 5S successor as an A8-powered device with 64-bit computing standard and its screen rendering fired up by a quad-core CPU but Apple also needs to consider what the customers want while staying ahead on the innovation front. Things like battery have been an issue for a long time.

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Whatever the future of smartphones is, we need to see more functionality and benefits than software tricks that have no tangible benefit to daily life but that said, even as an Android die hard, I would be greatly tempted to go Apple if they released a 4.7 inch Phone.

Would you like an iPhablet?

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