Will Ugandan tweeps buy the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch? Let’s find out

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

With Apple’s latest release of the iPhone 6, 6 plus and the Apple watch, there have been overwhelming reactions and debate globally on many things like whether Apple is really an innovator or just a good follower who perfects what other players have introduced. At the risk of being bashed by the hardcore Apple fanboys, I last year looked at whether the Jobsian Apple has lost its cool or if they still got it.

Does the release of huge iPhones finally answer the cry of many Apple fans? Will Apple finally attract Android fans who wanted large displays? Was the iPhone battery improved finally?

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We look at a couple of Ugandan Apple fans, influencers and general smartphone enthusiasts on what they think about Apple’s latest releases.

Arthur Nakaka

Is a Visual effects director at Addmaya (a leading design firm) and an Apple die-hard. He took note of the fact that the playing field has now been leveled with the iPhone 6. He also comments on how Apple didn’t necessarily invent but perfected what was already present.

Stone Atwine

The CEO of Remit.ug a rapidly growing money transfer startup and also an Apple fanboy shared his thoughts pointing his concerns to the price of the iPhone 6 Plus which he’ll buy anyway.

Solomon King

Is the founder Fundi Bots a non profit robotics school among other companies like Nodesix and Elemental Edge. Very keen on design, Solomon evidently doesn’t agree with Jonathan Ive on the design of the Apple Watch while as an entrepreneur, he also quickly recognises the prospects and potential that Apple Pay present.

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TMS Ruge

Is a the co- founder of HiveColab a technology incubator and co-working space. He is also the co-founder of Remit (with Stone Atwine above) among many other brave ventures he’s involved in. As an African living and working in the diaspora, He is clearly concerned about the African concept of time. He also is wary of what is being passed around as innovation


Is a Ugandan Lawyer who was looking for any valid reason to ditch her current Samsung Galaxy S5 but unfortunately found none during the Apple event. She’s majorly concerned about battery life and quality of Camera.

From the above, we gather that even though the iPhone 6 is expensive, the Apple die-hards will buy it at all costs. Apart from the Apple watch design, we also still see issues that haven’t been addressed like the very key issue of battery that once again may prevent a lot of converts from getting the phone. Lastly we don’t see tweeps buying the iPhone this year.

Image: Apple


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