Safaricom introduces new prefix numbers; 0110 and 0111

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For the longest time now, Kenyans have been able to tell the carrier for any phone number based on the prefix. That is because these prefixes have been the same since the early 2000s.

Fast forward several years later and Safaricom is over-18 and the 07xx numbers we have grown to know, have all been depleted. The Communication Authority (CA) ‘opened’ a new batch and in August 2019, we saw the first 01xx numbers from Airtel Kenya.

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Today, Safaricom has announced the introduction of SIM cards with new 0110 and 0111 prefixes following the phasing out of the now-vintage 07xx Safaricom prefix.

According to the telco, the new-prefix SIM cards will be available free of charge. However, customers still be required to activate their lines with airtime top-up of  KSh.50.

With this launch, Safaricom has also rolled out a new numbering system. In this new system, customers now have the freedom to choose their own number. In the past, phone numbers came pre-assigned to the sim cards with customers only having the option to choose from the available random numbers then memorize it with the Safaricom prefix.

Safaricom new prefix

“The new 0110 and 0111 prefixes alongside our new numbering system are part of our “For You” commitment to be Simple, Transparent and Honest. We continue to invest in additional enhancements and services to better meet the needs of our customers as they evolve and to also provide them with even more freedom and flexibility,”

Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

As mentioned, the new prefixes were allocated by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) last year following the exhaustion of the 07XX prefixes.

Below is a list of the 07xx prefix and the operator

100 +254,100 xxxxxx Airtel Kenya
101 +254,101 xxxxxx Airtel Kenya
102 +254,102 xxxxxx Airtel Kenya
110 +254,110 xxxxxx Safaricom
111 +254,111 xxxxxx Safaricom
701+254,701 xxxxxxSafaricom
702+254,702 xxxxxxSafaricom
703+254,703 xxxxxxSafaricom
704+254,704 xxxxxxSafaricom
705+254,705 xxxxxxSafaricom
706+254,706 xxxxxxSafaricom
707+254,707 xxxxxxSafaricom
708+254,708 xxxxxxSafaricom
710+254,710 xxxxxxSafaricom
711+254,711 xxxxxxSafaricom
712+254,712 xxxxxxSafaricom
713+254,713 xxxxxxSafaricom
714+254,714 xxxxxxSafaricom
715+254,715 xxxxxxSafaricom
716+254,716 xxxxxxSafaricom
717+254,717 xxxxxxSafaricom
718+254,718 xxxxxxSafaricom
719+254,719 xxxxxxSafaricom
720+254,720 xxxxxxSafaricom
721+254,721 xxxxxxSafaricom
722+254,722 xxxxxxSafaricom
723+254,723 xxxxxxSafaricom
724+254,724 xxxxxxSafaricom
725+254,725 xxxxxxSafaricom
726+254,726 xxxxxxSafaricom
727+254,727 xxxxxxSafaricom
728+254,728 xxxxxxSafaricom
729+254,729 xxxxxxSafaricom
730+254,730 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
731+254,731 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
732+254,732 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
733+254,733 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
734+254,734 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
735+254,735 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
736+254,736 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
737+254,737 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
738+254,738 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
739+254,739 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
740+254,740 xxxxxxSafaricom
741+254,741 xxxxxxSafaricom
742+254,742 xxxxxxSafaricom
743+254,743 xxxxxxSafaricom
745+254,745 xxxxxxSafaricom
746+254,746 xxxxxxSafaricom
747+254,747 xxxxxxFaiba 4G
748+254,748 xxxxxxSafaricom
750+254,750 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
751+254,751 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
752+254,752 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
753+254,753 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
754+254,754 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
755+254,755 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
756+254,756 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
757+254,757 xxxxxxSafaricom
758+254,758 xxxxxxSafaricom
759+254,759 xxxxxxSafaricom
763+254,763 xxxxxxEquitel
764+254,764 xxxxxxEquitel
765+254,765 xxxxxxEquitel
768 +254,768 xxxxxx Safaricom
770+254,770 xxxxxxTelkom Kenya
771+254,771 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
772+254,772 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
773+254,773 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
774+254,774 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
775+254,775 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
776+254,776 xxxxxx Telkom Kenya
780+254,780 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
785+254,785 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
786+254,786 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
787+254,787 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
788+254,788 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
789+254,789 xxxxxxAirtel Kenya
790+254,790 xxxxxxSafaricom
791+254,791 xxxxxxSafaricom
792+254,792 xxxxxxSafaricom

With the unveiling of the new prefixes, Safaricom now has the capacity to add 2 million additional customers to its network. Currently, the service provider has over 34.5 million customers according to latest CA reports.

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What are your thoughts on Safaricom new prefix and numbering system? Love the flexibility that comes with it?


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