All You Need To Know About Google Doodles

Have you ever opened your browser only to see a change in the logo on Google’s homepage? You must have wondered why you see these random changes. This beautiful and special change to the logo is called Google Doodle. Google does this to commemorate events, holidays, and worthy historical figures.

Why Google Doodles?

For Google, it’s a tool used to educate users about information (people, events, holidays, etc.) they probably didn’t know about. Apart from popular holidays, Google celebrates historical figures that have made incredible impacts on society. 

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Google Doodle also kind of depicts the human side of Google as a company. Some believe that the company uses these doodles as a form if marketing but we can’t really say how much impact it has on their traffic or if it has any impact at all.

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Benefits of Google Doodles

  • There are many worthy individuals who have contributed immensely to humanity. But because they are deceased, a lot of people around the world do not know about their achievements. Google Doodle brings these prominent figures back to limelight again.
Google doodles
Google celebrating Nigeria’s football legend, Stephen Keshi
  • Inspiration: When Google celebrates these prominent figures and people get to read their stories, they draw inspiration from them. Imagine having doubt about a particular social cause you want to embark on and one day you open your browser to see a Google Doodle celebrating someone who has done exactly the same thing, chances are that you will be motivated to pursue the cause.

Events and Historical Figures Celebrated with Google Doodles

From country Independence day to International Women’s day to Halloween, Google celebrates them all. 

Below is a list of some popular ones:

  1. Thanksgiving Holiday: The Thanksgiving holiday is a day set aside to give thanks and spend time with family and loved ones. It happens every fourth Thursday in November, in the US. On this day families come together to wine and dine.
  2. Halloween: This day sees people dressed in various Halloween costumes to Halloween parties. Its history is dated as far back as 2,000 years ago.
  3. Christmas Day: On the 25th of December every year, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr Day: Martin was a civil rights icon who fought for people to be treated equally regardless of their race. He was born on January 15, 1939,  
  5. Isaac Newton: A renowned Mathematician also celebrated by Google. Isaac was born on December 25, 1642, and was known for his laws of motion and law of universal gravitation.


Did you know that Google created its first doodle in 1998 in honor of the Burning Man Festival?

Also, it is amazing to know that Google has an entire team dedicated to the Doodles, this means they don’t come cheap. Since inception, they have created over 4000 doodles. The team also welcomes ideas from users and you can reach them here [email protected] 

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Is there anything else you would like to know about Google Doodles? Do well to drop your questions or contributions in the comments section below.


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