How to Fix iPhone Dropped Calls on MTN Uganda Network


Do you sometimes have your calls abruptly cut off when you are in the middle of a conversation? If yes, you are most likely experiencing a dropped call. This has been a common issue for MTN Uganda subscribers and here is how to fix it. But first…

What are Dropped Calls?

A dropped call can be referred to as a situation when your phone call gets disconnected abruptly from the cellular network. This happens because of poor phone signal, commonly known as poor network wherever you are. Being too far away from the cell tower, natural obstacles that block signals like mountains or man-made obstacles like coated glass on some buildings can also cause dropped calls. For iPhone X users on the MTN Uganda network, MTN explains that the dropped calls are usually caused by outdated software.

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How to Upgrade Software on iOS

  • On your iPhone X, Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose the Software Update option
  • You can then follow the prompts to upgrade to the newest version, iOS 13.4.
  • Once the update is done, you should be able to enjoy better quality calls.
GIF Illustrating how to Upgrade your Software

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Other Methods to Fix Dropped Calls

Below are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you fix dropped calls.

  • Try and remove the case on your phone to see if the signal is better without the case. The case may block cell signals from reaching your phone’s internal antenna therefore removing it can improve your signal reception.
  • Take note of the position of your hand on the phone while calling, texting, etc. Try a different hand position to see if reception improves. You might have been blocking signal with your hand.
  • Make sure your battery is charged. Low battery can reduce your phone’s ability to get and hang onto a phone signal.
  • Avoid movement as your phone, and the network will not have to constantly adjust to your changing location. Here, you can easily get and hold a strong signal.
  • Be clear of any obstructions by moving into an open area where phone signals are more likely to reach you.
  • Change your location to see if the reception is better.

It’s frustrating to be mid-way through a phone call, only for it to drop. Gratefully, most of these dropped calls are caused by only a limited number of possibilities, like distance from a cellular tower, physical obstacles in your local environment, or problems with the phone’s hardware or software. You can fix the MTN dropped calls issue using the few tweaks shared above.


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