Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium: Should You Pay?

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Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming platform is a Freemium service, which means that it is available both as a free service and a paid Premium service.

Both tiers offer a lot to the Spotify user. So a monthly subscription costs around $9.99 in many regions. So if you’re not exactly in a position to pony up this month, what do you get? Today we shall compare the Free and Paid tariffs from Spotify.

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spotify free vs spotify premium

The first thing to note is that Spotify’s free tier is not exactly free. It is ad-supported. meaning you will have to bear with a few ads after a song or two. You know, kinda like listening to a radio.

We have tabulated the difference between the two Spotify subscription tiers below. Here’s how these two services compare.

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 Spotify FreeSpotify Premium
Access to Spotify's entire LibraryYesYes
RoamingMaximum of 14 daysYes
Access on MobileYesYes
No AdvertisementsNoYes
Podcasts and AudiobooksYesYes
Offline listeningNoYes

For a Free service, Spotify’s free tier offers a lot of value. The only things you lack include streaming at a lower bitrate, and the inability to download songs for offline listening.

Additionally, it should also be noted that some of these limitations for the free tier fade away once you use the service on the desktop app, mobile app, or the streaming webpage.

You can select any song on Spotify free on your PC. You can also skip as many times as you want on both tiers on the desktop.

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Should You Pay for Spotify Premium?

Spotify is a really awesome platform and a must-have for any music lover. Whether you’re on the free tier or the premium one, there’s something you can benefit from.

However, for the die-hard music junkie, Spotify Premium offers a lot more value. The ability to stream music in higher bitrate is something that serious audiophiles cannot live without.

The added convinience of being in complete control of what’s playing, and being able to skip as much as you want, even on mobile, is something that audiophiles and people with a very particular taste in music will love.

However, for the casual streamer who picks on the first playlist that pops up and lets it play for hours on end, the Free tier works just fine. You will have to deal with ads but then again, those might not be so bad. Right?


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