How to Clean Your PC Keyboard without Damaging It

The keyboard is probably the most-touched surface when using your PC.  Therefore, there is a high tendency for it to get dirty often. Since it is very sensitive, it is essential to know the process of cleaning it without damaging it.

Luckily, cleaning your PC’s keyboard does not take too much time or effort if the due procedure is followed. In addition, a neat keyboard is as good as new and goes a long way in strengthening its life span. Ideally, cleaning the keyboard should be carried out once or twice a month depending on the dirt involved.

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Perhaps, you spilled food substances or drinks on your keyboard and you need to clean it, this keyboard cleaning tutorial/guide will show you how.   

1. Identify Your Keyboard Type

There are two common types of a keyboard: the membrane and the mechanical keyboard. It is also important to identify if it is water-resistant or not. This knowledge is vital in helping you determine how best to clean your keyboard without damaging it. A membrane keyboard is fairly cheap and easier to clean compared to the other. For mechanical keyboards, disinfecting with wipes weekly and monthly deep cleaning is involved.

2. Disable Keyboard

You must either switch off or disable it from your PC before starting the cleaning process. This way, security precaution is in place, and cleaning your keyboard is safe

3. Perform a Quick Surface Clean

This would require you to carefully turn your keyboard over with the keypads facing the ground. That way, crumbs, dirt, and small particles can fall out easily. You may as well use a can of suppressed air to blow away dirt in and around the keycaps. It will loosen every hanging crumbs or dirt that has stuck on the surface. Even if stubborn dirt is still there, don’t be tempted to bang it on any surface.

keyboard cleaning tutorial

4. Clean with Wipes or Damp Cloth

Some people make use of baby wipes because of its mild moisture and smooth surface which is acceptable. Use damp cotton wool or a soft towel with few drops of Isopropyl alcohol to clean in-between the keycap and on the surface. Never use a dripping-wet material to clean your keyboard, especially if it is water sensitive.

keyboard cleaning tutorial

With the latest technological advancements, there are some keyboards that are washable. For users with a mechanical keyboard, you will need to remove all the keycaps. Even better, they come with tools to help you easily remove them. After that, soak the keycaps in clean warm water and gently scrub it with a soft brush. Proceed to clean the other part of the keyboard with a damp cloth. Alternatively, make use of a keyboard cleaning gel for an easier cleaning process.

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Pro Tip: If possible, take a picture of the keyboard before cleaning just in case any keycap falls off while cleaning. The picture would serve as a guide to help you fix them properly.

keyboard cleaning tutorial

5. Dry Properly

It would be a costly mistake to connect a keyboard to your computer immediately after cleaning it. Depending on the temperature, you need to dry it for about 3 to 4 hours. Wait for it to dry properly before you reconnect it for use.

To sum it all, ensure you wash your hands properly while pressing your keyboards when in use. Also, do not overdo it with the alcohol on the cloth you intend to use to clean. To make the drying process faster, you may use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry. Nevertheless, take your time through this process.


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