Top 5 Meme Generator Apps for Android

Memes are now a universal style of humor expression and communication used in every nook and cranny of the social media world. From Twitter timelines, WhatsApp group chats, to Instagram feeds, you can easily spot memes being used. Making those memes you see out there is very much easy to do and it takes just about a minute to make your meme using your Android smartphone.

For starters and regulars, this is a compilation of the best meme generator apps that you can use on your Android phone. This way you don’t just go ahead downloading and trying out different meme-making apps. Get creative and make them😉

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1. Meme Generator Free (by ZomboDroid)

This has one of the best interfaces and large file sizes (sized at 76MB) in comparison to the other apps on this list. Functionality-wise, however, it gives you a variety of interesting templates for a start. It’s got options to browse meme by category and choose between a grid and list layout. You would also get the option to make your own custom meme with the freedom to tweak fonts styles, font size, text alignment, and stickers amidst a whole variety of other features.

Download Meme Generator (by ZomboDroid) from the Google Play Store.

2. Mematic

This is one easy-to-use app for making memes. It comes with a simple interface but not with a whole lot of options for customization. There’s also have readily available templates even if it’s not arranged into categories. Overall, it gets the job done without any stress so that definitely earns it a point in our book.

Download Mematic from the Google Play Store.

3. GATM Meme Generator

GATM meme app has a basic version that gets the job done fast. There’s also a paid Pro version (costs $1.95) with no ads to interrupt your meme-making sessions. It comes with template images for making your meme although you do have to download some before you can use them. However, there is a Download All option that gets you all the available meme template images on the app. You can as well add your own image for your meme as well with a decent regular update to the meme image library.

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Download GATM Meme Generator from Google Play Store.

4. Video and GIF Memes by ZomboDroid

One of the robust feature-filled meme-making app that offers video memes, GIF memes, and image memes all in one package with an option to make a meme with all three formats in it. This meme app has a lot going for it and also has a paid pro version without ads. The fact that you can make a variety of memes makes it one of the best out there.

Download the ‘Video and GIF Memes’ app from the Google Play Store.

5. Memedroid

This is a whole ecosystem of memes with unique offerings like ‘Memes for the Day’ and meme galleries with the option to share your own memes after creating them on the app. It offers GIF meme with available GIF templates and you can upload a template as well from your local phone memory.

Download Memedroid from the Google Play Store.

Step up Your Meme Game

Making memes is definitely easier than you imagine. These are some of the best meme generators for Android devices. With these apps, you can start churning out your own unique memes in no time. You can also choose to make your face the template of your meme and do whatever you want with it in terms of customization.


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