How to Check SIM Cards Registered Under Your NIN in Uganda

With more and more personal activities moving online, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that no one is attempting to use/steal your information. There are cases in the country where people have registered SIM cards with someone’s else national ID for myriad of reasons.

Until recently, all of my SIM cards were registered under my friend’s name because I had no national ID. In the same vein, someone somewhere could also be using a SIM card registered under your names for malicious intentions. In this guide, we highlight ways through you can check how many SIM cards are linked to your National ID/NIN number in Uganda.

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1. Using the MTN Mobile Apps

MTN Uganda has made it easy for you to have an overview of all SIM card numbers connected to your NIN using the two MTN mobile apps.

On the MTN MoMo app, select the menu bar, and choose “Linked Numbers.” You will see a list of all numbers associated with your phone number.

Weirdly, when you click to select the number, there is an error message with the pop-up alert for not being able to connect to the server which ends the app login sessions prematurely.

On the myMTN app, select the main menu option on the right-hand corner. Choose “Linked Numbers” and all phone numbers associated with your NIN will be listed. Make sure to cross-verify that you know where the numbers are so as to avoid being a victim of crime.

2. Using USSD

USSD shortcodes are highly valuable when it comes to performing smaller tasks like checking airtime balance and associated SIM card numbers.

Follow these brief steps to know which numbers are linked to your NIN across all telecom network in Uganda;

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Step 1: Open your phone and Dial *197#.

Step 2: Choose option 2 of “Check ID Number” or “Validation NIN” in some networks.

Step 3: Enter your National ID Number/NIN to verify your identity.

Step 4: Cross-check all the phone numbers linked with your NIN and visit your nearest telecom outlet to disconnect any unknown number.

When you suspect that someone is using a SIM card registered under your National ID Number (NIN), report to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.


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