Jumia Opens Logistics Services to Third Parties

Jumia Logistics Services

Last-mile delivery and shipping are an incredibly difficult task for most merchants in eCommerce for myriads of reasons. This is the only phase where the digital and physical world converge. In an effort to bridge the gap, Jumia Group has announced that its Jumia logistics services will be available for use by third-party businesses, vendors, companies, etc. 

Until recently, Jumia’s logistics services were reserved for eCommerce and food vendors operating on its marketplace. Jumia’s logistics services are now open to third party businesses who wish to leverage its network, technology and expertise for last-mile deliveries across all 11 countries in Africa. 

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Here is a full list of all the services Jumia will be providing merchants, sellers and customers.

Jumia Logistics Services Offered

1. Logistics Services;

  • Last Mile Express Delivery
  • Bulk movements across the country
  • Storage Services

2. Offline Advertising Services;

  • Promotional content delivery to customers
  • Advertising on Jumia delivery vehicles
  • Advertising at Jumia sites (customer pick up stations and vendor drop off points)

3. Other Services;

  • Installation of appliances such as Air conditioners, washing machines
  • Manpower supply for warehouse management & delivery

Jumia’s logistics marketplace is uniquely adapted to Africa, based on two main pillars.

The first is its Proprietary Technology which aggregates demand and matches it with supply capacity on the basis of several parameters like quality of service, reachability of network and cost of delivery. 

The second pillar is its Logistics Network, which includes among its physical locations over 20 warehouses and more than 1,300 drop-off stations and pick-up stations, located across Jumia’s 11-country market, including in remote areas.

In addition, partnerships with players such as Total, Bata, and Shell allow for an even wider presence across the continent including upcountry locations.

Apply to Become a Jumia Logistic Service Partner

  1. Head to Jumia’s official website within your region and look for “Become a Logistics Service Partner” page at the footer of the site.
  2. Fill out the form and submit. Someone at Jumia will call or get back to you on how to proceed with the next step.
  3. If you are in Uganda, you can call Kevin Mutinda at 0789180617 or email [email protected] to enjoy Jumia logistics services like offline advertising services.

With the ongoing popular Black Friday campaign, businesses can expect to enjoy more visibility especially through ads on delivery packages. Would you consider or recommend this service for your business? Let us know in the comment section.

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