Safeboda Donates Food Supplies to Over 3000 Drivers

Safeboda Donations

The Corona pandemic has transformed all our lives. Lockdowns have forced us to change how we socialize, shop and work. Following the presidential directive to halt public transport across the country as a result of the rising COVID-19 cases last month, the ride-hailing app, SafeBoda has announced an initiative to provide food supplies to over 3000 of its SafeBoda drivers.

This initiative has been done in partnership with parties like Yuvraj TVS, to whom Ricky says SafeBoda is highly indebted. TVS contributed over 500 bags of 5kg maize flour to this cause. This donation activity was administered on July 12th, 2021 at the SafeBoda Academy in Kyebando where drivers were provided with a package of maize flour and beans for themselves and their families. 

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The donations have been done with strict observation of SOP. Riders are called in different groups to pick up their donation (food). This process will be done in the form of a drive-through where there will be no physical contact between parties making sure all SOPs are observed. The SafeBoda is advised to leave as soon as he receives his package. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has left so many in our community struggling,” says Ricky Thomson Rapa, SafeBoda’s Co-Founder and Director. “When our people are affected, we also need to come in and help. This program will provide relief to the drivers who need it the most.” 

He adds that the donations are part of SafeBoda’s commitment to its value proposition of safety and well-being to its community of both customers and drivers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We shall continue to support our SafeBoda drivers in this trying moment. We urge everyone to keep observing the SOPs put in place to halt the spread of the virus.”

These donations come in a time when many drivers have their incomes and lives heavily affected with the lockdows and closing down of transport. Such efforts from startups to their partners are highly beneficial and commendable in hard times like the pandemic. You can let us know in the comment section how you are holding up during the second wave of COVID-19 and the lockdown across the country.

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