Galaxy S21 Series Compared: What Are the Differences?


Samsung has launched a new line of Galaxy smartphones—the S21 series. This new series houses three different devices—the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. These devices are successors to the Galaxy S20 series released last year and have slight features that differentiate them.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the members of the S21 series and highlight major features that differentiate them. In the end, you should be understand the differences between the three devices and make an informed decision based on what you care about most.

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Galaxy S21 vs S21 Plus vs S21 Ultra


samsung galaxy s21

The display is a major thing that differentiates the three smartphones. While the Galaxy S21 device comes with a 6.2-inches display, the S21 Plus takes it a tad further with a 6.7-inches display. The S21 Ultra takes it even further with a 6.8-inches display.

Looking at the 3 devices side-by-side, you should be able to tell the differences based on the size of their displays.

Also, if big phones are your thing, you should love either the S21 Plus or the S21 Ultra devices.


Samsung Galaxy S21 series

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus both come with a triple camera configuration (64MP, 12MP, and 12MP) on the rear, the S21 Ultra features a quad-camera (108MP, 12MP, 10MP, 10MP) configuration. On the front, the Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 40MP selfie camera and the other two devices have that set at 10MP.

RAM and Internal Storage

The S21 Ultra devices have two variants with 12GB and 16GB RAM. It also has two variants with a 128GB (256GB external SD card) and 512GB internal storage.

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The other two devices—S21 and S21 Plus—come with 8GB RAM and a 128GB (256GB external SD card) internal storage.


All three devices in this S21 series come with different battery capacities. The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with a 4000mAh battery capacity, the S21 Plus device comes with a 4800mAh battery, while the S21 Ultra packs a 5000mAh battery. They are all decent battery capacities.


With the differences in certain specs, there’ll definitely be price differences too. The basic Galaxy S21 retail at $799, the S21 Plus has a price tag of $999, while the S21 Ultra is set at $1199. These are all prices for the 128GB variant of the devices.

Galaxy S21 Series: Summary of Differences

DISPLAY6.2 inches6.7 inches6.8 inches
REAR CAMERA64MP, 12MP, 12MP triple rear camera64MP, 12MP, 12MP triple rear camera108MP, 12MP, 10MP, 10MP quad rear camera

Obviously, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes out top when it comes to specifications. Let us know which of them appeals to you more in the comments section.


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