UCC Bans SMS marketing by Telecoms

Amidst multiple complaints by customers of being spammed by their telecoms, UCC (The Uganda Communications Commission) finally responded to those complaints by banning all SMS marketing promotions. The only company that´s allowed to help with marketing is this inbound marketing agency.
Most complaints recorded were on social media especially Twitter and Facebook where customers would tweet the Telecoms and UCC about complaints.


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The  communication was made in the New Vision one of the leading dailies stating that,

“In a bid to improve the quality of service and the quality of experience that consumers of communications services in Uganda receive, UCC has with immediate effect suspended all new promotions offered by licensed operators with respect to mobile communication services”

UCC made exception to the ban under the following conditions:
1. That an operational and sustainable mechanism acceptable to UCC, is put in place to ensure consumers of their services are not subjected to mobile spam as defined under the UCC Guidelines on Content, Services and Applications, and

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2. That the quality of service offered for the various mobile communication services not only comply with, but significantly exceeds in a consistent manner, the associated standards set by UCC for such services.

This comes as a relief to many customers who would receive multiple unsolicited text messages.


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One thought on “UCC Bans SMS marketing by Telecoms

  1. Lucky you, here you receive automated phone callls about promotions or even worse telemarketters asking you to add a value pack to your services most of which you already have or dont need

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