Huawei Launched a Suite of 5G Solutions and a List of All Awards Won at MWC


Huawei underlined its innovative capabilities, walking away with several awards at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), which took place in Barcelona and online from 28 June to 01 July. 

As the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for space over the course of the coming year. Huawei has played a central role at MWC for some time now and the 2021 edition was no exception. 

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Speaking at the event, Ryan Ding, President of Carrier Business Group pointed to the progress of 5G technology in China and South Korea, where Huawei research showed rollout is already 20-times faster than 4G, with subscribers hitting 390 million in its home market.

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Between 2021 and 2025, Ding added the combination of ICT and 5G digital infrastructure will drive economic growth of €1.9 trillion in China and €130 billion in South Korea, numbers proving operators were becoming drivers for national economies.

“We still need continued 5G innovation, we still need to grow our system, we need to coordinate telecoms standards and integrate 5G into our core production process,” he says. “5G innovation is an ongoing process and this is just the beginning.”

The event also saw Huawei launch a series of 5G products and solutions to promote multi-antenna technology to all bands and all scenarios to build leading 5G networks.

Huawei 5G Solutions

Supercharged by industry-leading innovation, these newly released products, and solutions are all the only ones of their kind. They include Industry’s Lightest 64T64R Massive MIMO, BladeAAU Pro, Industry’s only 64T A+P Solution, BladeRRU Pro, Industry’s Only RF Unit that supports three low and three medium bands, and Industry’s Only Commercial FDD Massive MIMO.

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Huawei’s 5G prowess saw it win several awards, including the ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure‘ award at the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards for its BladeAAU product.

Here is a list of all awards Huawei also won awards during the event: 

  1. 5G Telemedicine Solution Wins the GSMA GLOMO ‘Best Innovation for COVID-19 Pandemic Response & Recovery’
  2. Huawei RuralStar Pro Solution Awarded “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets” of GSMA GLOMO
  3. Rainforest Connection and Huawei’s “Nature Guardian” Project Wins GSMA GLOMO for Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

The race for dominance in the 5G space and technology has already started and Huawei seems to be at the forefront in shaping the industry. Let us know in the comment section your thoughts on how Huawei has taken the punch thrown at them, from the US ban to pivoting to being a software company with Harmony OS.


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