These Are Airtel Uganda’s 4G Home Internet Options: What’s Best for You?


My crew texts me on a regular basis when they need guidance related to the best internet offers and solutions for personal and home-related activities. And let’s be honest. I live for it. Given that it’s my job to research and write about consumers tech, I love any excuse to keep that tech conversation going in my off-duty life.

But what do you think is the best option for you? If you’re hunting for good internet at the moment and want a little inspo, keep scrolling to check out an edit of all Airtel 4G Home Internet solutions available in Uganda.

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Airtel 4G Pocket MiFi

Airtel 4G MiFi routers have been around for quite some time. For the uninitiated, a MiFi router is a portable rechargeable device that provides a WiFi hotspot and enables limited multiple connections.

The biggest perk of a small pocket MiFi router is it can be used away from a power source. Airtel 4G pocket MiFi costs UGX123,000 and connects up to 10 users. It comes with 15GB of data free valid for a month.

Keep in mind, MiFi routes usually have a limited coverage range and this is no different. The range means weaker WiFi signal strength when you are far from the MiFi device.

Airtel 4G MiFi Key Features

  • Portable device with WiFi hotspot wherever you go.·
  • Enables multiple connections at a time.·
  • Has a rechargeable battery and is used away from a power source.

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Airtel 4G SmartBox

Airtel 4G Smartbox has been flying under the radar but it’s the only flagship 4G router device from Airtel Uganda. The device connects up to 32users and costs UGX280,000. Same with the pocket MiFi, the 4G Smartbox comes with 15GB of data valid for a month which has to be activated by the Airtel agent you bought the device from.

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It provides no additional benefit than having a bigger number of users to be connected and a wider coverage range than a pocket MiFi in my books. Any unlocked TP-Link router or an alternative is a better option than this.

Airtel 4G SmartBox Key Features

  • Supports up to 32 users at a time
  • ·LTE capable with backward compatibility
  • Supports CS voice via RJ11
  • VoLTE capability
  • Ports (2) for attaching analogue phone
  • Ports (4) for LAN(Large Area Network)
  • USB port for print and file sharing
  • Download/uploads speeds of 150/50Mbps

Airtel 4G Broadband

Airtel 4G Broadband is the flagship 4G solution from Airtel for businesses and homeowners. It comes with an installed outdoor unit plus an indoor router to give users reliable and faster internet speeds.

We have extensively covered the Airtel 4G broadband in our previous blogs. Our writers bought and wrote a review after using broadband for over 6 months.

In a nutshell, the Airtel broadband costs UGX350,000 and comes with free 51GB valid for a month.

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Differences Between Airtel 4G Home Internet Options

 4G Pocket MiFiAirtel 4G SmartBoxAirtel 4G Broadband
Maximum devices it can connect10 Devices32 Users32 Users
WiFi Signal Strength N/AN/A100m x 100m indoor network coverage

Final Words

The demand for good reliable home internet solutions during the pandemic and frequent lockdowns has skyrocketed. Businesses, schools, households, and individuals are looking for ways to engage online.

Airtel offers a fleet of 4G home internet options for you but if you are on a shoe-string budget the 4G pocket MiFi seems like the perfect option. However, If budget isn’t your big worry, broadband provides a better value for money. Let us know in the comment section, which Airtel 4G home internet you are currently using and why?

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