Understanding MTN WakaNet Max and How to Get it in Uganda

MTN Home Fiber

We are all suckers for a good internet provider. We can never get enough of tweeting, searching, and telling friends about which ISP provides the best internet connectivity in the country. MTN earlier this month revamped their home internet solution MTN Wakanet to MTN Wakanet Max.

What’s New?

The new changes made from the predecessor are more Wakanet Max data bundles for customers to choose from. One additional data bouquets were added and the cheapest and highest data volumes were revised.

Wakanet Max Bundle Options

New Wakanet Data Price (UGX)New Wakanet Data VolumeOld Wakanet Data Price (UGX)Old Data Volume
UGX 55,00020GBUGX 75,00035GB
UGX 85,00040GBUGX 150,00075GB
UGX 170,00085GBUGX 300,000175GB
UGX 335,000195GB

For the uninitiated, MTN WakaNet MAX is a home Internet solution that offers 4G data connectivity through a single WakaNet MAX router. The router supports up to 32 gadgets, with data bundles that don’t expire. Another exciting feature of MTN WakaNet MAX is its router, which has an inbuilt battery that ensures internet availability even when the home loses power. 

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How to Buy One and Installation Cost?

Customers can purchase the MTN WakaNet MAX kit at selected service centers across the country.

The MTN WakaNet MAX starter kit comes at an initial cost of UGX 245,000 which includes the one-off cost of the router and 35GB data bundle with no expiry.

To kit are basically plug-and-play gadgets, meaning when you reach home. You unbox the router and its accessories, plug it into power, and look for the best spot in your house that has a clear network signal and connects your WiFi-powered devices.

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Wakanet Max Coverage

The service is a 4G exclusive device and only works in 4G coverage areas across Uganda. For Kampala dwellers, you will get optimal performance when you are within areas of Kyanja, Kiwatule, Naalya, and Kira according to reviews and experiences from the first launch.

Do You Really Need Wakanet Max?

Given the fact that the fiber-to-home Wakanet Pro costs only a fraction of the price for installation at 100,000UGX. The decision to purchase the Wakanet Max if you are within the coverage range of Wakanet Pro becomes hard to comprehend.

The latter has unlimited data plans, better speeds, and dedicated fiber internet. However, if you are not a heavy internet user, Wakanet Max looks like a solid solution and has friendly top-up bundles packages compared to the competition.

Have you been using MTN Wakanet Max or planning to get to one soon? Share with us know in the comments section your experience and if it’s an internet solution you can easily recommend.


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