How Google TV is replacing Android TV

Google TV launched in 2020 on the Google Chromecast as the new TV operating system from Google. It has since launched on smart TVs like Sony, Hisense, and more, as well as other Android streaming devices. And although it might seem like the introduction of Google TV is just a mere name change, a lot of new features and functionalities including personalized content, tailored recommendations, come with the new TV software. Furthermore, it features functionalities that lets you use the smart TV as a hub for your home. Also, you should know that a lot of the core functionality you enjoyed with Android TV are still available on Google TV. This makes it more of a re-brand than a replacement.

The Big Updates

A Redesigned Interface

Google TV Android TV

If you own a smart TV running Android TV, you will be used to a layout with different rows of apps and content suggestions. Google TV, on the other hand, is designed with a content-focused interface. The home interface feature large image on the home screen, sitting side-by-side, row after row, showing you movies and shows recommendations. All of the recommendations you will see are drawn from your preferred types of content from the streaming services you actively use and the shows you watch. I particularly like the new interface because it looks a lot more clean and the fact that it has a content recommendation functionality, I can easily find content to watch, instead of always searching for them app by app.

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You Can Now Watch Live Content

Google is bringing Live TV streaming to Google TV for smart TVs – a feature we didn’t get on Android TV. Google has partnered with top streaming services like YouTube TV, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Philo and Plex. Now, you can see live content; Live news, reality shows, sports, etc, on your Google TV. Although, as at the time of writing this article, this features is, unfortunately only available in the U.S to U.S users. Get access to it outside the U.S will require VPN.

Google TV comes with other features like the virtual remote control that lets you use an Android phone as a remote control for your Google TV, the individual user profile feature that’ll let family members get tailored recommendations, built around their own viewing interests.


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