A Review of the Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro Earbuds

Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro

We got our hands on the latest wireless earbuds (the Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro) from Oraimo in Nigeria, some days ago. We then published an article covering our first thoughts and impressions about the device, after we unboxed it. However, we’ve had more time to put the Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro to the test, and we now have a more solid opinion – based on this first-hand experience. Let’s dive in!

Build and Design

Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro

Let’s begin here. In our unboxing of the Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro, we mentioned that it looked exactly like the Apple Airpods Pro, and without the Oraimo branding on the stem of the earbud, it can easily be mistaken for the Apple Airpods Pro. However, while the Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro feels comfortable in the ear, it doesn’t fit perfectly and tightly like the Apple AirPods Pro. But then, you can choose from the other ear tip sizes (small-sized(S), medium-sized (M), Large-sized(L)) that ship with it, to get the best fit for your ear.

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The stem of both earbuds have tap control sensors attached to them. These sensors monitor the wearing status of the earbuds. When you take out any of the earbuds from your ear, whatever you are listening to, will be paused automatically, and will continue to play once the earbud is back in your ear.

Sound Quality

I had high hope in this department, to be honest – maybe because they look exactly like the Apple Airpods Pro. Firstly, they don’t come with the active noise cancellation feature, but then, you get some form of noise cancellation from the ear tips. The sound quality isn’t the best, but it is decent.

Battery Life

According to Oraimo, the FreePods 2 Pro will give users up to 4-hours of playtime. After stretching the earbuds for a couple of days, I can confirm that a full charge on both earbuds will get you 4-hours of playtime – with extra minutes on that. When battery power is down to 10%, you’ll hear a voice notifying you that you need to charge it.

Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro

The charging case will charge your earbud from 0% -100% in about 1-hour. And it charges the earbuds about 3 times before running out of battery. The charging case also has three light indicators, indicating the battery level and the charging status of the charging case.


The Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro connects via Bluetooth to both iOS and Android devices. And connecting is quite easy. To pair the earbuds to any Bluetooth-enabled device, all you need to do is bring them out of the charging case and they will be discoverable by any Bluetooth-enabled device. Putting the earbuds back in the case will switch them off automatically.


Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro

Below are the actions you can perform with the tap control sensor on the Oraimo FreePods 2 Pro:

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  • Play/Pause: Tap on the right earbud twice (Tap on any earbud twice when using only one earbud)
  • Last track: Tap on left earbud three times
  • Next track: Tap on right earbud three times
  • Answer/End a call: Tap on one earbud twice
  • Reject call: Tap on one earbud three times

Is it Worth It?

Personally, I like the redesign and the fact that it comes with silicone ear tips for noise cancellation – it is quite impressive. I also think it sounds better than its predecessor (the FreePods 2). The FreePods 2 costs N9,900 ($22) on Oraimo’s official website, while the new FreePods 2 Pro costs N11,500 ($25). So, are the new upgrades worth the extra $3? Absolutely!!


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5 thoughts on “A Review of the Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro Earbuds

  1. Thank you Emmanuel for a thorough and insightful review. Have a few questions; are these available in Uganda? If affirmative, where and at what price? If negative, which bluetooth headphones would you recommend on a budget of about UGX 60-100k? Could you recommend either an online or brick and motar store where one can find genuine products that don’t cost and arm and a leg?

    • Hi Mugeni. I’m not sure about this, but I’ll find out and get back to you.

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